Gemstones that are advised to be worn

kudwal gems

Gemstones are nothing but pieces of mineral which are needed to be crystallized. They are needed to be cut and polished so that one can wear them as a piece of accessory or wear them to have some astrological benefits from it. Most of these gemstones are made naturally from the surface of earth.

Before buying kudwal gems, one must know that there are 2 kinds of gemstones. They are semiprecious gemstones and precious gemstones. Though there are almost 200 gemstones available, according to astrological studies there are only 9 gemstones which one can wear to bring a change to their lives. But one must not wear these gemstones without getting a prior consultation from an experienced astrologer.

Here are some major gemstones that one can be asked to wear:

 Ruby Gemstone

Also known as the Manik ratna this is the gem from the Sun. it is said to be the birthstone of the people who are born during the month of July. It is not suitable for everyone and so an individual needs a thorough birth chat study before wearing this stone. Sun is the king of all the planets and Ruby is considered to be the queen of all the gemstones.  When one wears it, it can enhance the self confidence and the decision making power of an individual. The wearer is also blessed with fame and prosperity and it can also provide certain health benefits. Wearing a ruby can increase the physical strength in one and it is advised not to wear a sapphire or a diamond if one is wearing this stone.

 Natural Pearl Stone

According to Vedic astrology, this stone comes from the Moon. This can control human mind, maintain mental peace and positively affects one’s thinking process. Wearing a pearl gives a lot of confidence to the wearer and this can enhance one’s love relationships. This stone can cure diseases the bladder issues, blood pressure and blood sugar. This stone is also advised to be worn when one is suffering from depression and other mental issues. But if one has the position of Moon auspicious in their birth chart they must not wear this stone.

Red Coral Stone

It is also known as Moonga and it represents the Mars planet according to astrology. This planet is also known as the Lord of wars. Wearing a red coral means one aspires to get victory over enemies. Moonga can help in improving blood purification, better eyesight and better skin. It can also heal cough problems. If one is having a bad married life then they can also wear this gemstone so that they can get some marital bliss. This can also boost one’s lack of confidence.

Apart from all these above mentioned stones if one is searching for kudwal gemstones they can also look for emerald stones, yellow and blue sapphires and hessonites. One can try Khanna gems because they are popular foe selling certified gemstones and so there are higher chances of getting authentic gemstones there.