6 Totally Fun Things to Do in Tampa Bay

things to do in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay covers four cities: Tampa, Clearwater, St.Petersburg, and Brandom. This town is one of the hottest towns for millennials. The live music scenes, a lineup of breweries, manatees, and growing food make Tampa Florida’s treasure.

Here are some things to do in Tampa Bay when you get to visit.

1. Ride the SheiKra at Busch Gardens

One of the best things to do in Tamba Bay is to ride the SkieKra. This is a 200-foot drop lasting three minutes with a speed of seventy miles per hour. The ShieKra is North America’s first dive coaster, holding some world records in length and speed.

Make your day unforgettable by trying one of the top coasters in the US. The Busch Garden has more to offer other than roller coasters and rides. You can also enjoy the water park and feed giraffes at the Serengeti Safari.

2. Indulge the Steaks and Cubanos

Tampa Bay is one of the homes to many travel-worthy steaks. Some of the best include Bern’s Steak House and Donovan’s Modern American Meatery. You get to enjoy custom-made open-fire grill steaks with local woods in these Tampa restaurants.

Cubanos is an iconic amalgam of roasted pork, mustard, swiss cheese, and ham pressed between bread. Many restaurants serve this flavor-filled sandwich in West Tampa. You may also enjoy the Cuban sandwich with Cuban coffee at the Columbia, Florida’s oldest restaurant.

3. Walk By the Tampa Riverside

The Tamba Bay has over two miles of waterside walkways. You can enjoy your time biking, walking, and exploring the attractions and sights of Downtown Tampa. When looking for Tampa Bay things to do, exploring the walkways are a cheap and healthy way to pass the time.

4. See the Manatees

The Tamba Bay is home to many manatees due to their fresh flowing rivers and natural springs. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center is one of the best places to view families of manatees. The best part about the Manatee Viewing Center is that it’s free to visit.

The best time to view these majestic sea cows and other sea animals are from November to April. Aside from viewing manatees, you can check out the butterfly gardens, trekking routes, and stingray touch tanks.

5. Enjoy A Movie at Sunset Pier 60

One of the best Tampa Bay events is the Sunset Pier 60. A movie on a widescreen near the beach and a picnic space to rest and watch. The Sunset Pier 60 will have constantly changing movies with a schedule so you can set up a date.

6. Learn More in the Museums

Ringling Museum Art and Henry B Plant Museum are some of the popular museums in Tampa Bay. These museums have been around since the 1800s. You can see many antique artworks, statues, and proof of history by exploring the different Tampa Bay museums.

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Check Out These Things to Do in Tampa Bay

Visiting animals, walking around the walkways, and enjoying outdoor movies are only a few things to do in Tampa Bay. You have a lot of ground to cover when exploring Tampa and its story. Learn more about Tampa Bay by reading our other blog posts for more guides.