Fun facts about lawyers and the practice of law


The law field is a profession filled with lots of energy, passion, dedication and sleepless nights. You might be wondering what are the fun facts connected and attached with lawyers. Here we have collected those facts for our readers.

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There is a flood of lawyers out there!

You are not going to see a shortage of lawyers ever and ever in your life. Lots of practicing and senior level lawyers are connected to this field line.

Most importantly, there are more than 1.3 million lawyers so far practicing in the zone of jurisdictions all across the premises of the United States.

In America, there is around and about one attorney per every 240 people out there.

It is not guaranteed that you will always get six salary figures

Being a lawyer, you should not always assume that you will be getting six salaries figures. Most noteworthy, the median pay range for an attorney, it is around $115,000 on a per year basis. Furthermore, regarding an hourly rate, you will get approximately 55 dollars.

This hourly rate varies and differs extensively on the basis of your years of experience and the kind of law education that you have received.

Attorneys do not prefer to work with big law firms

This is commonly seen that attorneys do not prefer to work with big and highly influential kinds of law firms. They like to keep their professional life simple.

That is why they tend to prefer and link themselves with mid-size firms or with boutique law firms. It is observed that approximately 83% of attorneys prefer to carry out private practice.

Law field does not much support the entry of female attorneys

It will be much surprising for you to note that this legal profession of lawyers; they do not support the entry of female lawyers.

They do not welcome female attorneys and this is a sad reality.

Do you know that it was the first female attorney linked to the zone of the United States who filed a lawsuit right against the State Bar of Iowa so that she can be allowed and granted to make an appearance in the Bar Exam.

 The positive part came when she passed and successfully cleared this bar exam and was granted to perform law practice.

Lawyers are envied

It is observed by a large number of studies that lawyers are envied, they are not actually disliked by other people.

Some of the studies have come up with this assumption that attorneys are marked and considered as the least trustworthy professionals.

People envy them. According to the common man, they think that lawyers are intimidating as well as aggressive. They always use a complicated language and charge heavy fees.

The highest numbers of attorneys are where?

In the District of Columbia, you may have seen that this zone is featured and packed with the highest number of lawyer professionals on a per capita basis.

Moreover, in Washington, D.C, you are going to see and spot 788.1 lawyers on the basis of per 10,000 residents.

Which celebrities attended and were a part of law school?

There are lots of celebrities who were a part of law school. Like, we have this action movie star named Gerard Butler.

You will be shocked to know that he attended law school. Then there is this TV host Jerry Springer and economist Ben Stein, they are identified as law school graduates.


Just keep tuned with us. There is more to come from this law practice field.

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