Front Fences: How To Pick The Right Type

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The front fence of your property is a primarily functional feature that also has the power to add value and aesthetics to your home. However, there is no one size fits all when it comes to front fences. There are multiple styles and materials to choose from. It’s also important to consider the desired purpose of your fence. Are you looking for something to provide privacy, keep pets and kids in, or purely look good? Once you know exactly what you need you can call in the experts in fencing services Doncaster to Yarra valley to build your perfect front fence. 

Here are our top tips for picking the right front fence:

Keeping Your Pets Restricted:

When it comes to choosing the right fence, one thing you should keep in mind is whether the fence type you are selecting is capable of keeping your pets especially pups restricted in the premises of your property. Dogs are often attracted to the events happening outside and want to have a closer view. Thus, they try to escape the premises of your property. So, you should make sure that your fence is taller enough to keep them restricted even if they try to jump higher in order to escape. It would be better if the fence is not transparent because if your dog can see outside he would definitely try to go outside.

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Another factor to consider a fence for your property is to keep the premises of your property safe from intruders and trespassers. Therefore, you should make sure that your fence is at least 6 feet high. A fence 8 feet high would make sure that your property is secure from intruders. Try to choose a fence that comes with flush boards and there are no horizontal bars outside to make sure that there is no grip or support for the intruders who try to come into the premises of your property.

Protection from Wind:

If you want to save your front or backyard from the strong wind but don’t want to lose the view or block the path of light the best option for you is glass. However, a glass fence with all its beauty and usefulness is not capable of providing security if you want to make sure that the fence makes your premises secure as well. Therefore, it would be better if you try to have a fence that is capable of blocking strong breezes of wind and provides you security as well. You should choose a fence with no or very less number of gaps to block the wind. 


Most of the people want to have a fence around their property to have some privacy while they are spending their time outdoors with family and friends. So if you are living in a property that is located on a busy street then your first priority should be the privacy of your property. Therefore, you should install fences that completely block the view from outside. However, if you want your lawn to be visible and just block the visibility of the sitting area then you can try fences with a stepped design that will block the view of the sitting area but not the whole view of your property.

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