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If you are a lover of Fried chicken wings, you cannot miss this recipe for chicken wings, but in the air fryer. Here we leave you to see how the fried chicken look and to show that they are effortless to make, this time made in a Silver crest oil-free fryer. Between eating processed potato-type appetizers and some chicken wings, the wings are better. They are fried, that’s true but in olive oil (other snacks have palm oil) and also chicken wings are a natural food, source of B vitamins and proteins, they feed, they are not ‘empty calories’.

Ingredients of Fried Chicken Wings

· 1kg of chicken wings

· 1 glass of all-purpose wheat flour

· 2 glasses of breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs

· 1 teaspoon of the spices you choose (cayenne or chili powder, ground black pepper, garlic and onion powder, paprika)

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· 1 egg and 200ml of milk

·  salt and pepper

·  frying oil

Directions of Fried Chicken Wings

1.- We cut the chicken wings. With a very sharp knife we ​​cut them through the joint. The little point that does not serve us, we remove it. It helps us to make a broth with them

2.- We prepare what will be the outer coating. We put the egg and milk in a deep plate and beat both ingredients. Until there is a cream-colored and smooth mixture of the egg

3.- In another dish we prepare the other part of the breading. We put the flour, the breadcrumbs, the spices (you can put whatever you want but the ones suggested in the ingredients section, look very good) and mix all the ingredients with your hands until they are all homogeneously mixed.

4.- We pass the wings through the flour and breadcrumb flour mixture, then through the egg and milk mixture and then again through the flour and breadcrumb mixture. That is well smeared with these ingredients. We reserve on a plate until we have finished breading all the wings

5.- Once breaded, we put the wings in the fridge for an hour so that the outer breading settles well

6.- Finally, fry the wings in plenty of oil, for about 5 minutes. The oil must be hot, but not too hot so that the wings fry the inside well without the breaded outside burning.

Stay Healthier Note

The Chicken Wings give a more KFC look to the chicken and are also more significant than the fine breadcrumbs. Enjoy your meal. For more delicious recipes visit to our site Stay Healthier.

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