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E-Commerce Portal Start-Up Queries

1.Which platform is applicable for our start-up among Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop?
It depends on your requirement and budget, WordPress + woocommerce if you’re not expecting huge traffic / Concurrency and features. Each ecommerce platform like Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento have different design, cost and functions related aspects.

 2. What are the pros and cons between them and which one are going to be best suited and convenient for us to use?
Before choosing an ecommerce platform you ought to to require a glance at your own opportunities, budget and wishes because all ecommerce platforms have some pros and cons.

3. What are the activities involved from the initial stages of making the E-Commerce Portal and running it at the later stages?
Such as getting name, Designing Logo, Designing Website, Getting payment Gateway, number of extensions required for running the portal, promoting the web site , making it visible in various search engines, backend work for uploading products, handling Orders, Shipments.

4. What is going to be your scope of labor right from creating and running of our E-commerce Portal?
Maintenance, Enhancements + Digital Marketing + Infrastructure Management

5. What legalities got to be done before, during and after fixing E-Commerce Portal?
Need to Setup a corporation it are often a Proprietorship + Partnership, LLP or Pvt. Ltd. Take the GST no. Payment Gateway would require set of formalities to be fulfilled.

6. Will the designing of a site on premade themes or customized?
Your Choice Premade Theme are going to be Cheaper all depends on your choice and budget

7. What are extensions and may they be added as and when required and what is going to be the financial element in them?
Yes, some extensions are free other are paid, whether you would like any paid extension is predicated on your requirement. For basic e-commerce store you are doing not require any extension.

8. What is going to be the running cost per month of running an E-commerce Portal?
It will be low for WordPress + woo commerce because it are often hosted on shared server approx. Rs. 1000 per month, High for Magento because it requires a minimum of 4 GB VPS server.

9. Are there any limitations of brands then their products that we will add since beginning and in middle?

10. What we’ll be requiring from suppliers / Vendors to supply us to line up this portal?
Product Details in appropriate CSV format / Images, An Agreement. If you’re planning a Marketplace you would like to get a Paid extension and Integration and customization fee extra.

11. What things we’ve to include within the agreements with the vendors to make sure the graceful functioning of the website?
You can check the format of ordinary Marketplace companies or Hire a firm to assist you with.

12. How can we earn on E-Commerce Portal? Is it per month fee or markdown on sales or any other?
Ideally by Sales or transactional Margin.

13. what’s our fixed charge and variable cost for running the portal?
One time Design and Development is fixed charge. Variable cost is Hosting + digital Marketing + Maintenance.

14. Why customers can purchase from our portals?
There are some reasons that‘s why your customers can purchase from your portal:
• Excellent Customer / User Experience
• Reliability (Quality & Genuine Products)
• Products Range – Broad& Exclusive Range, Niche Related Products
• Customer Service
• Competitive Price

15. What value addition we are bringing for our vendors and suppliers in order that they will accompany us?
Collaborate with product vendors, suppliers and make solid relationship with them. Classify multiple suppliers and pay bills on time and boost supply chain.

16. Will it’s B2B or B2C and which can be appropriate for us and why?
B2B and B2C both are appropriate for ecommerce website design. It all depend upon your purpose if you would like to sell your products to other business then B2B is sweet option for you and if you would like to sell your product direct to your customer then B2C ecommerce portal is best option for you.

17. Who will draft the write up for contents within the portal like refund policy, cancellation etc?
You can find the quality formats from the online and you’ll modify it consistent with your preference.

18. can we require Mobile App for our portal?
Due to the web marketing revolution, ecommerce has got to reached far beyond limits, so from anywhere he/she can shop from ecommerce store through mobile app.
There are some reasons that‘s why you need Mobile App for your portal:
• Captive Customer – if you’ve got to stay you customer engaged
• Routine / Regular Offers and Notifications
• Frequency of Purchase – If product is usually purchased
• To fulfill Specific Business need or logic. Customer to be provided Regular Data within the sort of Facts and Analysis

19. What are the tax rules for running an E-Commerce Portal?
You have to use for GST and file the GST return

20. what’s the overall procedure followed just in case an order is placed on us?
You have to first acknowledge the order by raising an invoice then create the shipment for giving the completion status to the order.

21. How can we affect packaging, warehousing and shipping the customer orders from our suppliers to the customer?
Vendors are going to be notified once order is placed and then they need to urge the merchandise packed for the pick with the packaging material provided by the admin. Afterwards logistics employee will go and collect the packet for the shipment against the order ID.

22. What if we had best and that we want to expand in future then can we need to change the platform and redo this exercise all again?
Yes if you currently start with WordPress you almost certainly need to upgrade to Magento once you experience concurrency of approx. 3000 to 4000 users.

23. What if we don’t wish to continue with the Portal in future then what is going to be the formalities and challenges we’d like to face during this regard?
You have to satisfy all the present orders in hand, Stop taking new orders, intimate you vendors and customers and ask your CA firm for close of the corporate.

24. How are you able to help us to run this portal and grow during this industry
We can provide you with valuable consultancy + Support + Digital Marketing and Hosting.


  1. Who Designs and develops ecommerce website?

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