Four ways you can Organize your Office Desk at Home

It is almost the end of April and you are thinking maybe if you were at work, you would spruce up your workspace with some minimalist office desk accessories to go through the new financial year but life is designed with inopportune times like these. We can only plan in hopes that things will pan out our way and not act edgy when they don’t. Buy office folders online can help you sort out things at your workplace without being hassled looking for things here and there.


In order to curtail the spread of the corona pandemic, professionals are hunkered down in the houses and made to work from home whether or not we were ready for it. One thing that most of us agree on is that while working from home our professional and personal spaces fade out. Therefore, it’s prerogative to set-up an environment that feels closer to the office so we don’t lose sight of the work that is expected from us.

Dedicate a corner or a table solely for work.

In order to completely avoid things you do for most of the day, you must get involved in it with sincerity and devotion – to achieve the results you set out to achieve. Set up your work desk with the right office desk accessories and  Since we are all used to the everyday commute to work, starting the day with a cup of coffee and used to barging into our colleague’s cabin to say good morning, in the comfort of our house, we might have the liberty to do any of that anymore. However, using little liberty we can organize our day just as we do at work.

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Try not too overwrought yourself while working from home. Instead of spreading your work across the day, try giving continuous hours so that at the end of it you feel content and don’t get the feeling to compensate again the same day or the next day.

Sit with a coffee mug and not the whole flask to remind yourself you need a break just as you need one at work. This will not only help clear your thoughts but will signal that you have a few more breaks left before you log off.

Don’t clutter:

You might want to keep only important objects like documents, diaries, maybe a stress ball to give yourself a clarity that nothing has really changed in terms of the office desk accessories.  An organized desk paves ways for organized thoughts and a well-organized mind is open to new ideas, and approaching them more clearly without having to get indefinitely invested in them. Accept that you are doing it for a cause and the betterment of the ones you love. That it will be over and you will need to get back to work one day to answer for whatever you do right now.


Many people are not used to working from home due to many reasons. Some do not feel as productive at the end of the day as they would had they been at work. This can be broken down further by taking into account the daily tasks like traveling, packing your lunch, having lunch with your colleagues and sharing food, in reaching that wholesome feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Since we don’t have the liberty to perform any of the above with our colleagues and managers, setting guidelines to communicate is the only way to get through overcoming barriers that might pile up later. Making sure any form of communication happens only during working hours and do not forget to draft an email explaining the daily/weekly reports.

Clean your desk:

More often, we do not realize the importance of clean surroundings and the positivity it imbues. The aesthetics of a place, may it be our work desk, bathroom walls, or wardrobe, dictates our reaction to everything throughout the day. A well-organized work desk looks no less than decor in a french-indie movie. Starting from the monitor which should be at your nose level with limited supplies of stationery around it, and a bin to throw the wrappers underneath the desk. Make sure to trash the food packs immediately after finishing them and keep the mugs away from the table.

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