Four Convincing Reasons Why Holiday Rentals is Better Than A Regular Hotel

Holiday Rentals


Wanaka is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand, with many fun activities that make a tourist extra happy.

Wanaka is one of New Zealand’s most visited places. It is located on the Southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. It is named after the place’s famous lake that is very scenic because of its snowcapped mountains.

It serves as the gateway to New Zealand’s southern alps, where nature reserves and national parks are located. This place is for both leisure and adventure.

However, for those seeking a relaxing holiday vacation, Wanaka has more than 150 hotels and resorts. With many options available, many tourists are surely caught up with the confusion between choosing holiday rentals and hotel accommodation.

Here are the four convincing reasons why choosing holiday rentals like the Release NZ Wanaka holiday rentals is the better option than average hotel accommodation.

Value for Money

For those who travel by group, particularly with friends or family, the cost per head is usually more affordable than staying separately in a regular accommodation. Villas, apartments, and large rooms are the ideal holiday rentals compared to individual room accommodation for those who want to save money while enjoying the holiday vacation.

However, the best option for those who want privacy is, of course, the hotel accommodation wherein they get their bathroom, amenities, and other features all by themselves.

For those who choose holiday rentals, they get to cater for all their wants and needs. They can cook and supply themselves with food as most holiday rental accommodations have kitchens and dining areas which adds more fun, especially for families.

Great Way to Know the Locals

Those who choose a villa or apartment learn the better way to understand the local culture and their way of life. Staying in a holiday rental such as the Release NZ Wanaka holiday rentals provides tourists with the chance to know more about what the place’s ways of living looks like.

Most of these villas or apartments have interior designs and features the same as locals, but with extra elegance and convenience, of course. Plus, there are amenities that offer a local taste to it which makes the experience more worthwhile and exciting.

Bigger Space for Everyone

Families or big groups of tourists should opt to stay in holiday rentals like apartments or villas to comfortably fit all of them without putting a hole in their pocket. Those who bring their children with them are tiring to put them to sleep only to find out they are still up around the hotel room in the middle of the night. Children, in particular, are very active. They can be playful and noisy.

It can disturb the other guests in the other hotel room, which is not ideal. Thus, holiday rentals are the best option for those who bring kids with them since the space is big and comes mostly with an exclusive outdoor living space.

More Flexible

Again, for those who bring children with them or have members in the group who have restrictions on their diet, it would be a nice idea to cook meals for them instead of relying on the hotel’s food. This kind of amenity or feature is only exclusive to holiday rentals. Children can be fussy eaters, and most of the time, the hotel’s menu is not their most ideal food, but compared to cooking them with their favourite food at the comfort of the villa or apartment will surely bring peace into parents’ minds.

Final Thoughts

Wanaka’s famous sceneries are best enjoyed with loved ones. Thus, it is best to stay in accommodations enough to fit everyone comfortably and conveniently. Holiday rentals have more to offer than meets the eye. It only takes a little research and query from different hotels and resorts to determine which one offers the best service and amenities.