Forget The Others And Get Glass Balustrade For Your Homes

Glass Balustrade
Glass Balustrade

There are normal railings made of wood, concrete or metal and there is glass balustrade. Despite its rather interesting name that one might mistake it for the nickname of some famed cannoneer, the glass balustrade is however simply a railing made out of glass fixed commonly on the balcony, porch or terrace, which can be built both indoors and outdoors. If you are wondering why one would use glass for railings in their right mind, do not worry! These glasses are tougher and thicker than your average windows and can withstand abuse without breaking into pieces.

Why should you install glass balustrade?

There are several benefits to installing glass balustrade for your railings compared to some other materials, as glass holds its own unique properties, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Glass Balustrade
Glass Balustrade
  • The illusion of space: so you own a house and require a railing for your staircase, and you decide to go for a concrete or metal rod railing only on realisation that it makes your staircase will be stable enough. But you found that the staircases ultimately are looking unappealing as it appears like your stairs are taking all the space in the room. Otherwise, you may own a house which requires the need for railings but you are limited by the amount of space you have; in these cases railings made of glass are perhaps the best choice ahead, as their transparent property provides one with the illusion of space while doing the job, making the room appear much larger than its original size.

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  • Blocking the light: unlike other materials like chrome etc., light will not be blocked by these railing as their see-through property enables them to pass light through. This makes the room brighter and the presence of sunshine indoors makes the room more natural and airy while inside.
  • Modern architecture: glass appeals to modern architecture, many architectures of the modern world have significant uses of glass in their design as part of their aesthetic and function. In the house beautification process, glass can provide the house with a feeling of modern sophistication, this can also provide you higher values to your house when you intend to sell it off.
  • Easy maintenance : cleaning is a hard job as some materials get rusted and require chemical agents to clean the rust away, sometimes dirt and stubborn stains get stuck on the railing, making it time consuming on the cleaning spree. However withglass balustrades, you do not require such tedious cleaning procedures, as a simple wipe with a lint-free cloth and any commercial cleaning agent is enough to keep the glass shining and in pristine condition. The entire procedure may get completed in a matter of minutes, and in the case of scratches or other damage on the surface, polishing the glass would return to its original state, which in comparison to materials like wood or metal balustrade is a huge advantage.
  • Strong and durable: “people in glass houses should not throw stones” unless it is made of glass balustrade.Contrary to popular notion that glass are weak and fragile, glass balustrade possess incredible strength due to its reinforcement and conditioning done during its creation process. it is strong as steel. These tempered glasses are thick and rarely do they break. If you were to talk of durability, glass is far ahead when compared to wood, it is highly resistant to corrosion and pest infestation and it ages very slowly that it is almost indistinguishable to the average eye.
  • Safety: tempered glass rarely break, but if they do, they’re not sharp at all, which is making it safe for children and adults alike.

These are the most common benefits that you may experience with glass balustrade. Do check out all the options and then make a wise decision.

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