Food and minerals during Pregnancy


The pregnant women are eating for herself and her baby. There are two lives in one body, so the intake of calories and nutrients are more, the pregnant women needs 400 and 500 extra calories per day. From this article you will get help in choosing variety of healthy foods for you and your baby’s growth and you both will get all the nutrients you need. 

What food should you eat during your pregnancy?  You ned 400 to 500 extra calories from the nutrient enhancing foods such as lean meats , low fat dairy , fruits , vegetables , and whole grain products . It is very much it is very much important to consume nutritious food during pregnancy.  Pregnancy is the time to eat more foods that full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrients denser foods.

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Daily routine for eating healthy foods during pregnancy. 

  • Calcium – It is needed for the body to build the bones and teeth stronger. Dairy products are the best source of calcium. And we also have some other sources of calcium and they are green leafy vegetables, cereals, breads, fish, meat, orange juice, almonds and sesame seeds. 
  • Iron – It is an essential part of red blood cells, which help in carrying the oxygen throughout the body. It helps in reducing the stress and diseases. Iron helps us to cope up with the weakness, tiredness, and depression. Good sources of iron are whole grain products, green leafy vegetables, pork, dried fruits and beans. 
  • Protein – Protein is an important nutrient which is needed in the growth of our body. It helps in repairing the body parts, mainly the brain, muscles and blood it also enhance our body’s energy. A pregnant women needs more protein for her baby’s growth. Good food sources are lean meat (poultry, meat, fish), egg, beans, soy products, nuts and seeds.
  • Do Not Diet – Even if you are overweighed, while your pregnancy. Do not try to lose your weight. Pregnancy is not the right time to lose weight, if you do so, your baby might not get the essential nutrients and might be miscarriage. 
  • Foods to eat in huge amount – During the pregnancy the aim is to consume the nutritious food in a large amount. It is recommended that consumption of prenatal nutrients is very important and its five sources are: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy products. These foods are best dietary during your pregnancy and also during your normal days. 

     Fruits and Green vegetables – Pregnant women should give focus to their health. They can get lots of vitamins through colourful fruits and vegetables. They will get low calories but high vitamins, minerals and fibres.  

      Whole grains – It is one of the important food complement in the diet and it provides our body with vitamin – B, iron and fibre. Per day it provides high carbohydrates to the pregnant women. This can be obtained from oatmeal, whole – wheat pasta or breads and brown rice.

      Lean proteins – Pregnancy women need to care for their baby so in care they need high proteins and the sources are  meat , poultry , fish , egg , beans , tofu , cheese , milk , nuts and seeds . 

      Diary products – In extra pregnant women need some healthy nutrients which can’t be obtained from simple foods, so from milk they can obtain the nutrients such as folic acid and iron. 

  • Foods you should avoid – There are many food habits which can harm you and your baby. Pregnancy is the time to control or avoid the harmful foods such as alcohol, smoking, fish contains high mercury, unpasteurized milk, and raw meat. These were the foods which harms your baby and you too. 

   Alcohol – It is dangerous during pregnancy. The alcohol present in the mother’s blood can pass directly to the baby through the umbilical cord. High consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can harm the baby and can create a physical problem.

   Fish containing mercury – Pregnant women should avoid the fishes such as swordfish, shark, king mackerel, marlin, orange roughy and tilefish because they contain high levels of methyl mercury, which is very harmful to the unborn baby. It is a toxic chemical which can pass through the placenta and can harm the unborn baby’s developing brain, kidneys and nervous system.

   Unpasteurized milk – It can contain harmful bacteria’s which can be very dangerous to the unborn baby. 

   Raw meat – It can create problems such as blindness and mental disabilities to the unborn baby in the mother’s worm only. So, it’s better to avoid the uncooked or raw meat during pregnancy.

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