Flood & Drain Tray – What All Should You Know About It?

Flood & Drain Tray

Before we begin to impart deeper knowledge about the subject that this article majorly talks about, let us, first of all, tell you what a Flood & Drain Tray is actually meant and used for. So these trays are basically used in the Flood & Drain hydroponics method for growing (indoor) plants. Before moving any further in this article, you must understand that hydroponics is a kind of horticulture and a method of growing different plants without the help of soil. Isn’t that great? So let’s catch more interesting and exclusive info on the subject;

Let us also tell you that the hydroponics method uses aqueous solvents as well as mineral nutrient solutions to grow certain plants. However, some terrestrial plants can grow on their own with just the exposure of their roots to the nutritious liquid.

Functioning Of Flood & Drain Trays 

Flood & Drain Tray

Moreover, let us try to understand the functioning of these Flood & Drain Trays in greater depth. Now that we already know these trays are used to support the hydroponics methods to grow plants, what we need to comprehend is how that really happens. So let us apprise you of the fact that there is a water pump that is aimed at filling the tray and flooding the plants with the necessary nutrient solution. Thereafter, the water flows back into the reservoir and this cycle keeps repeating itself on a regular schedule. That is how the growth of your plants is catalyzed.

Flood & Drain Tray – Usage And Benefits

  • Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that there are a number of reasons why these Flood & Drain systems are so well-liked and popular among hydroponic growers across the world. The first reason is that it is very convenient and easy to build and look after these systems.
  • Apart from that, let us bring this fact to your knowledge that you can use probably any material to build these Flood & Drain systems. Owing to this fact, you do not need to spend much (money & efforts) if you are looking forward to hydroponically growing your plants.
  • Another great reason of growing your plants through the hydroponics method is that these Flood & Drain systems can be built in accordance with the space that’s available to you. That means you can build these systems to fit in any space that you have in hand (indoors as well as outdoors). Is that not something that makes the hydroponics method extremely easy and convenient for anyone who looks forward to growing their own plants through it?
  • A hydroponic Flood & Drain system makes growing your plants very simple and trouble-free. The main part of a Flood & Drain system is to hold the container in which the plants are growing. It can have just one or many plants at a time. Moreover, we recommend that everyone should use this amazing Flood & Drain system to grow their plants.

Flood & Drain Tray

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