Five Tips Which Can Save Your Tooth From Cavities


Cavities are permanently damaged areas that develop into tiny openings or holes in the hard surface of your teeth. There is much different reason due to which cavities occurs like eating sugars, bacteria present in the mouth, not doing proper care of your teeth, etc. There are numerous methods to cure it. This Dental Practice Edgware article contains some tips which can save your tooth from cavities:

  • Know the risk level of the cavity:

The first thing you need to take into consideration is that what the level of your cavity is. You can do it by discussing it with your dentist and by taking a dental exam. Dentist Edgware can guide you about the treatments and precautions you can take to cure your cavity. This will also let you know how many dental visits you may need. Some of the symptoms can also tell you about your cavities like toothache, tooth sensitivity, staining on a tooth of black, brown, or white color.

  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks:

The main reason behind tooth cavities is the consumption of sugary food products like candy, soft drinks, etc. If you want to prevent your teeth from the painful cavities you have to avoid these sugary foods and drinks. Studies have shown that sugar reacts with harmful bacteria present in our mouth and produces acid destroying tooth enamel which leads to cavities. American studies show that instead of sugar we can chew sugar-free gum which helps in increasing saliva in your mouth and protect tooth enamel.

  • Fluoridating the water:

Fluoridating the water means the water that includes fluoride. Generally, we drink bottled water these days which do not contain fluoride in it. Studies have shown that fluoride helps in preventing cavities and even it can repair tooth decay. Drinking some tap water would be a great step towards preventing cavities. It would not be harmful if you add some tap water in your daily consumption of water. It is more important to have healthy teeth than to worry about ingesting small concentrations of chemicals.

  • Flossing the teeth daily:

Dentist Edgware found a common problem that their patients do not take flossing that seriously. Flossing is a good way to prevent cavities as it helps in keeping the regions between your teeth unstained. You should floss your teeth after brushing twice a day. Some studies show that flossing is more reliable in children than adults but it surely reduces the risk of the tooth cavity. A wide variety of floss options are available, including string floss, flossing brushes, and water flossing devices. The more you floss, the more likely you will continue to do so, and prevent cavities from forming between your teeth.

  • Intake of Vitamin D:

Consuming vitamin D in your daily food requirement is considered a very important step towards your health. Researches have shown that the intake of vitamin D can also help in preventing tooth cavities. You can consume vitamin D by having dairy products, like milk and yogurt, in your diet. Recent trials showed that vitamin D can help in reducing tooth cavities by 50 percent. Vitamin D helps the teeth to get mineralized better because the enamel is made of calcium and phosphorous and Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the food we consume.

Dental Practice Edgware Article contains the most important easy tips you can follow to prevent tooth cavity. Tooth cavity is one of the most common dental problems which are found in every age group. So, it is very important to consider it and adopt measures to prevent it.