Are We on the Same Wavelength: Finding the Best Antenna Installation Service in Sydney, AU


If you’re an adult, chances are, you spend around 68 hours per month watching video content.

That content could be coming through your cable provider. It could be feeding in through the internet. Or, if you’re into free TV, it may be flying in through the antenna installation you have sitting on your home.

Having an outdoor antenna installation is a perk that’s not as popular as it was, say, 30 years ago. Still, if you live in Sydney, AU, there are tons of great broadcast stations you can pull into your entertainment centre that are well worth having an antenna to access.

For those of you that are considering getting an antenna installed to liven up your media space, we welcome you to keep reading to learn how to assess who to hire to get your antenna installed. After all, installing roof antennas is tricky business that’s best left to the pros!

Talk to Friends and Family

Any time we’re giving people suggestions on how best to source a business recommendation, we always start by saying that they should talk to their loved ones. The people you love have a vested interest in helping you find the best solutions because they care about you and because they’ll have to face up to you if they push you in the wrong direction.

That makes friends and family an excellent source for antenna installation services advice, assuming they’ve had an antenna installed in the past.

Knock on Your Neighbor’s Door

Does your neighbour have a residential antenna installation on their roof? If they do, somebody probably installed it for them.

Head over to your neighbour’s place and have a conversation about if they liked the service provider they used. If they say they did, request the provider’s information and see if what they offer is in line with your expectations.

Explore Online Reviews

Online reviews are quickly becoming people’s number one source to quickly assess businesses. Using reviews to bring clarity to your best antenna service near me curiosities is no exception!

Head over to Google or Yelp and type in “home antenna installation” to see what turns up. Prioritize results that have over 10 reviews and a 4-star review average or higher.

Businesses that have at least one review from the last 3 months should get special consideration.

Note Services Offered

An antenna installation team that offers installations is great. One that offers installations, consulting services, sells antennas and has emergency service solutions though is the business you want to get hooked up with.

We love all-in-one antenna solution providers because they cut down on the amount of time you’ll have to shop around for miscellaneous antenna-related needs.

You can learn more about the services your provider offers by exploring your prospect’s websites.

Assess Websites

Speaking of website assessment, whether you’re interested in ancillary services or not, give each of your antenna installer prospect’s online storefronts a good scrub. As you do, ask yourself, does this provider seem professional?

You can infer a lot of generally accurate things about a business by noticing the level of care they take of their web presence. While not a sure-fire means of assessment, a company with a great, professional-looking website is probably more vested in its business and its customers.

Get on the Phone

You’ve taken in recommendations. You’ve assessed providers. You’ve scrubbed websites.

By this point, you should have a short-list of provider options you can dig into and start booking consults with. Enjoying a consult with an antenna installer is important because they give you insight into a provider’s willingness to help, how much they charge, and the overall vibe of their service.

You’ll find that some antenna installers need to come down to assess your roof before quoting you a hard install price. If that’s the case with the businesses you’re contacting, so long as those house calls are free or will be deducted from the install cost, you should proceed confidently.

Pull the Trigger and Get Set up

You can access antenna installers in the Sydney, AU area until you’re blue in the face. Assessing, however, isn’t going to get free TV flowing into your home.

Once you’ve done your diligence, engage with an installer in a meaningful way and have them work to get your device set up.

Most installers should be able to get your antenna running within a week of your call and a few hours of arrival. The process of getting your antenna installed will, of course, be longer if you don’t have an antenna ready for your provider to hook onto your roof.

In these cases, your provider may offer recommendations on which antenna to buy, or, may have a stock of antennas they work with they can bring down to your house at an additional cost.

Antenna Installation Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

The prospect of getting on your roof with a 50-pound antenna to get TV pumped into your family room is something that steers most people away from roof antennas. The good news is that there are several, quality, antenna installation professionals out there waiting to help you out.

Believe us when we say that the cost you’ll pay bringing that help on will more than be offset by the savings you’ll enjoy via free, antenna TV.

Curious to take in more insight on technology? Looking for business advice?

Whatever your curiosities are, we invite you to dive deeper into our blog to continue fulfilling your need to know.