Main Things to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

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It can be so tricky to buy an air purifier for any place like an office, home, or shop. There are so many air purifier manufacturing companies available in the market claiming the same services. So it getting a big problem what you should consider when buying an air purifier for your family. Choosing the wrong air purifier can affect your health badly instead of improving it. It can make your indoor environment so dirty with its poor filtration system and filters. So further in this post, we will discuss some main points that you should consider while buying a purifier.

5 Things to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

Sometimes your indoor air can be more polluted as compared to the outside air. After this global pandemic, there is no doubt most of us prefer to stay at home instead of going outside. However, now it is so important to have an air purifier to get your air quality always clean and healthy.

  • Why do you need an air purifier: There can be different reasons to buy an air purifier. Air purifiers are the best way to clean the environment of your indoor air. It can save you from various things like allergies, asthma, smoke, pets’ dander, and small chemical particles.
  • Air purifier size: When going to buy an air purifier, it is a must to know the size of the air purifier you need. Purchasing an oversized air purifier can be a wasting of money. On the other hand, if you buy a small-sized air purifier as compare to your room size then it can take so much to purify your room air perfectly.
  • Maintenance: It can depend on your air purifier what kind of filter it uses to clean the air. HEPA filters can last up to 10 months easily and air purifier includes carbon filters then it can last for 6 months maximum. You can buy any good company air purifier to solve this issue like Filtrete and Levoit. You can also read this Filtrete air purifier review to get all information about this amazing company.
  • Features: You can consider some latest features in your air purifiers like the WI-FI controller, various fan speeds, and filter change indicator. Features can play a major role in air purifiers to provide a clean environment.
  • A place to put air purifier: If you don’t have a portable air purifier then it is best to put your air purifier in your bedroom. However, it is the place where all spend most of the time.

Is it worth buying an air purifier?

Yes, buying an air purifier can be so worthwhile. It can save you from different problems like triggered allergies, pet dander, pollution, throat problems, and other things. Air purifiers can be so expensive as well as cheap. But buying a cheap air purifier can lead to some serious problems due to their cheap filtration technology. So if you are thinking to buy an air purifier then it is a must to buy a quality one instead of the cheap one.

 But it does not mean that you should spend a lot of money on simply featured air purifiers. Before buying an air purifier you should look at the features they offer at what price. Some features like HEPA filtration technology and access over voice command always get included in highly paid air purifiers to attract new customers. You can check the CADR of air purifiers that measures the cleaning speed of the air purifiers to remove dust, smoke, and other things.

Other ways to improve the quality of your indoor Air

There are several ways by which you can improve your indoor air quality without any air purifier. We recommend you these steps to make your indoor environment pollution-free.

  • Keep the windows open: Having ventilation in any place can save you from various things like humidity, pollution, and a bad indoor environment. So try to make a good and strong cross draft by opening windows on the opposite side of your home.
  • Regular change of air filters: By changing your air filters on regular basis you can easily get a clean and pollution-free environment at your home.
  • Exhaust fan in the kitchen: We all know the difficulty behind cooking in a kitchen and without exhaust and ventilation, it can be worse. However, if you manage to get an exhaust fan in your kitchen then it can help you so much to get clean indoor air.
  • Minimize usage of candles: If you are used to firing candles and wood in your home then ban it as soon as possible. Reduce the usage of burning things at your home to clean your air quality.