Few Essential Suggestions for Having the Best Vehicle Graphics


Promotion of a commercial brand is extremely important for the success of the related business. A vehicle wrap is an effective way of marketing, which helps in reaching out to the maximum number of people within a  specific territory. Since the wrapped vehicle acts as a mobile billboard, its design should be chosen carefully.

The perfect choice of vehicle graphics is found to have a direct influence on business profits. There are certain tested ways that can aid in creating the best illustrative design for advertising on vehicles.

Useful tips for imprinting perfect vehicle graphics:

  • Measure the vehicle surfaces – Usually, both sides of a vehicle, its rear part, and the hood are chosen for installing the vinyl wraps. Hence, all these parts of the vehicle should be measured carefully leaving spaces for door handles and curves on its body surface. The photos of all flat surfaces with accurate measurements are essential for the creation of flawless vehicle graphics.
  • Check wraps of competitors – Since many companies now prefer vehicle wraps for marketing their products, it is better to check the designs chosen by all competitor companies for this purpose. This extensive study is essential for creating outstanding designs that will be different from others. The reactions of customers to competitors’ wraps may also be observed to get an idea of the best interests of the target customers.
  • Decide the exact message – All the vital information to be imprinted on vinyl wraps should be noted down. Usually, the company name, logo, website, phone number, and the main products need to be mentioned as the prime part of the vehicle graphics. If any message needs to be written for brand promotion purpose, it should be brief and very crisp so that people can understand the content with just one look at it.

    Vehicle Graphics
    Vehicle Graphics
  • Select visible font – Generally, simple fonts are chosen for writing the letters of wrap messages, which will be clearly understandable even by people on passing cars. All these letters should be made bold for better visibility. The font sizes depending on the space available on the vehicle surface.  However, the company name should have the biggest font size to ensure the best visual impact. Vibrant colours need to be chosen for writing these letters and bright red is the most common colour used for this purpose. However, specific colours used in the company logo may also be used to deliver a message of reliability and emotion to potential customers.
  • Choose a catchy design – Large graphical images should be chosen for vehicle wraps, which will be visible even from a distance. The photos of company products may be included in this vehicle graphics and this collage should be done carefully. The sizes of these images should be cropped after due calculations to make the design most impressive for viewers.  Bold designs are more effective in drawing the attention of passers-by as it has the optimum probability that the entire advertisement content will be more clearly visible on the vehicle surface.
  • Visualize the design on a computer – The creator of this graphics design should check its look on the computer screen before imprinting it on the vinyl wraps. He may use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for correcting all errors on the computer files, regarding the size ratios, colours, resolutions and other features used on this design.  The client may also check this design on the computer before finalising it.
  • Keep the graphics simple – The whole vehicle graphics should be free of clutter or excess information, to maintain the attraction of the wrap. Hence, only the most essential images and other advertisement elements should be included in this design to make the advertisement more dynamic for viewers.

Though the creation of impressive wrap design is a challenging job, expert designers can deliver the best vehicle graphics that will be beneficial for their clients. So finding the experts is an essential criteria.