Features of Double Glazed Windows That Makes It So Beneficial

double glazed windows melbourne
double glazed windows melbourne

If you want to minimize heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer as well as improve the acoustic performance of your home, then you should surely invest in double glazed windows. Though it will cost you a bit more than single glazing, the benefits, in the long run, will make it a wise and worthy investment.

However, if you want to make the most out of these windows, here are a few features and things you should look for.

  • First, look at the space between the panes. This should typically range from 6 to 20 mm. if you want to enjoy the optimal thermal performance, then the recommended spacing should be not less than 12 mm. However, if you want to reduce low-frequency sounds of the traffic and aircraft or want better acoustic control, the ideal air gap should be 150 mm or more, though it may cause convection in the panes to reduce insulation.
  • Next, look for what is in between the panes. Ideally, double glazed windows are completely sealed to act as insulators. This reduces heat loss or gain. Ideally, argon gas is filled in this space due to its low conductivity, which increases insulation.

Also, check the glass: it should be energy efficient and control resistant. Typically, Low-E glass will reduce heat loss and laminated panes will improve acoustic performance by disrupting sound waves.

The Different Benefits

If you install the right type of double glazed windows in your home, you will derive several benefits such as: 

  • Better Insulation – The barrier between the glass panes separated by a polymer strip reduces heat transfer, which means you will have warmer winter and cooler summer.
  • Noise Reduction – If your home is by the side of the road or near the airport then these windows will reduce the noise coming from outside. It will also not let the noise out when you listen to loud music which means your neighbors will not be disturbed.
  • Enhanced Security – The laminated or toughened double panes are harder to break or force open from the outside and therefore the double glazed windows provide better security as compared to single glazed windows.
  • Low Energy Bills – Since the panes will retain the heat and prevent heat loss, you will rarely need to use your HVAC. This will reduce your monthly energy bills.

The double-glazed windows will also increase the curb appeal of your house thereby increasing the value of the property. The furniture and home interior will not be damaged due to the UV rays of sunlight. There will be little or no condensation on these windows allowing you to look outside easily and it will prevent mold and mildew formation that may cause problems to your health. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and is easy to maintain.

The Downsides 

Your knowledge will not be sufficient if you do not know the downsides of these windows. This knowledge will help you to make a more educated and informed decision. Apart from the initial higher cost factor, the downsides of these double glazed windows include:

  • It traps heat, which may be a problem in summer months and good in winter months. To avoid this issue, you can tint the windows but that will add to your cost.
  • If there is any issue with the windows, you cannot easily repair them because these are already sealed. It will need a complete replacement.

Finally, if your home has traditional architecture, these double glazed windows may not blend seamlessly. However, if you find a company that makes such windows for old homes or retrofits the existing ones, you may go ahead with it because the benefits of installing these windows are much higher than common window installation.