Meaningful Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Meaningful Father's Day Gift Ideas

When we say- “A girl’s first true love is her Father” we bet, most of you would agree to it. The relationship shared between a father and his daughter is impeccable. From waking up his daughter to teasing her with his moustache, a dad becomes the best companion of his daughter. And now that Father’s Day is knocking the doors, are you ready for it? Have you planned the day or the gift for your father? Not yet? Then fret not!

Here is an exclusive range of Father’s Day gifts from daughter. Stay in and read!

  1. A Handmade Card- Remember your childhood days when making greeting cards was your favourite thing to do? Well, it is time to take out those colours, paints, papers, and all other craft supplies and make a card for your father. Get an idea of what to make, from google or get your hands on Pinterest and get motivated. Give this card along the cake to make the celebration more cheerful.

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  1. A Mini Bar- You might have seen your father working hard to earn a livelihood and to keep his family happy. After the hard work of over two-three decades (or more), don’t you think it is crucial to get your father some leisure and comfort? So, get your father a mini bar that mostly comes in a study suitcase, with a pair of whiskey glasses, mini ice bucket, etc. in it. You will find a huge variety of such portable bars in the market, choose the one you think will serve the purpose, the best.
  2. A Coffee Decanter- If your father is not a whiskey person, then chances are- he is a coffee lover. So, if having a brewed coffee is the idea of leisure for your dad, then how about getting him a coffee decanter? Sounds great, right? Order online or buy offline, a good quality coffee decanter or coffee machine for your father. Along with it, make sure to add some sachets of different coffee flavours and a coffee mug.
  3. A Leather Suitcase- Is your father still a working professional? Well, in that case, it is time to upgrade his side office-bag with a high-end leather suitcase. Yes! Get your father a suitcase wherein he can hold his official documents, his spectacles, his pen, diary etc. Even if he is getting retired soon, he can still use the briefcase to preserve his important documents or maybe for a day getaway.
  4. A Gadget- If your father is someone who still runs on a landline phone, then it is high time you get him a smartphone. And if he already has that, then a smartwatch, or a portable charger, etc. can also be considered. Gift your father a new-age gadget and help him understand the use of it with ease. This gift will help you both stay connected, even if you guys are miles apart.
  5. A Surprise- Plan a surprise for your father for father’s day like a house party with his favourite snacks, followed by a movie of his favourite hero. To make the surprise more happening, if possible, call his (office/ college/ school) friends home and arrange for them a small party with their favourite song list and food. And remember, it is your plan so better arrange everything on your own and let your mother too, enjoy the evening!

All these father’s day gifts and gestures by you would make your father happy. You can always ask your siblings to help you in choosing the right gift or to organise a party. Celebrate your father’s love with a gift that means a lot for him. Happy Father’s Day.

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