Top 5 Best Hair Flat Irons Today

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The use of flat irons and straighteners to style and hold hair has become popular among women today. Along with the beautiful outfit, the hair must also be proportionate and appropriate, so that the entire beauty of the weaker sex can be enhanced.

If you are intending to choose to buy a quality, long-term-use hairdressing machine but do not know which brand is good, and which is “genuine”, you can refer to the top 5 best hair flat irons today in the article below.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Flat Iron and Curler

There are many different types of hairdressers available today. In parallel with high-end, good-quality products, there are still some that are of poor quality and are not suitable for use. Here are the criteria to choose to buy the best flat iron and curler.

  • Choose the right type of machine for your needs: Hairdressing machines have many different types from straightening and ruffled to curly, and wavy. You must consider your intended use and choose to buy accordingly. However, on the market there is a 3-in-1 bloodline, a multi-function that can help you perform all hairstyles with just a single machine, she can refer to.
  • The size of the machine must match the thickness and thickness of the hair. If you have thin and short hair, you can choose models with a diameter of about 19-25mm, longer hair can choose 25-28mm.
  • The material of the hair dryer is also very important. Because of the great heat effect, both the bending blade and the handle must be made of high-quality materials with good durability. The body of the device must be made of metal that conducts heat well, the hands need to be insulated and ensure absolute safety for the user.
  • In addition, you may also be interested in the design, heat mode, modern features, brand, or warranty policy.

Top 5 Best Flat Irons

To help you make the most accurate choices, the article will review in detail the top 5  best flat irons today. Please follow each piece of information and choose the right blood for you!

Kemei KM-2203

Kemei KM-2203 is a line of flat irons imported from mainland China and is currently the model with the largest consumption in the market today thanks to its affordable price but quite guaranteed quality.

The first impression of this machine is the design of the plastic outer shell with shiny electrostatic paint, creating a clean and luxurious feeling. The surface of the pressing blade is made of sturdy Ceramic, with good heat transfer ability. This hair has up to 4 temperature adjustment levels: 140-160-180-200 degrees Celsius, allowing users to customize the heat to suit their hair condition. In addition, the 1.9m plug is quite long and can be rotated 360 degrees, bringing absolute comfort to the user. Stable and power-saving 50W power, ensuring user safety. Comes with a warranty period of up to 12 months.

Philips BHS675

Belonging to the high-end Philips hairdresser BHS675 series with preeminent features, it will surely satisfy all the most demanding girls. The design of this child is quite simple with black – pink and as the main color and the heat-resistant handle at the top is quite delicate, avoiding burns when holding the device.

Philips BHS675 uses SplitStop technology and the superior sensor feature UniTemp to minimize friction during hairdressing and does not cause tangles or split ends when subjected to heat for too long. A compliment of this machine is the addition of keratin in the blade, creating negative ions, and protecting hair from static electricity or burning hair. The blade is up to 10.5cm long for faster and more effective styling. Besides, this machine also can create waves and curls quite conveniently. The girls can freely style without worrying about damage.

Eap Ceramic 1 3/4 ” Flat Iron

If you are looking for a compact hairdresser to take with you on the go or anywhere, perhaps the EAP CERAMIC 1 3/4” FLAT IRON is a perfect choice. This Flat Iron features a three-layer design of evenly distributed infrared thermal ceramic that makes it easy to straighten even the most frizzy hair. Not only has a compact, luxurious design, with heat up to 450 degrees, but EAP CERAMIC 1 3/4 is also one of the preferred flat irons used by many customers.


Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780

Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 is an expensive machine that is extremely popular with beauty bloggers. It can be said that this is the perfect hairdresser from design to function.

With a mysterious black design, fully covered with high-grade nano-glide ceramic, it brings a luxurious and classy look to the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 hairdresser. And this is also one of the rare straighteners that own an LCD screen, and a super smart thermal touch display, which users can customize with just a simple touch. In addition, this baby is also integrated with SensoCare technology, which can analyze the moisture and condition of the hair to give the appropriate styling heat, avoiding damage to the hair after doing it.

Philips Flat Iron HP8309

When it comes to Philips product lines, quality is something you never have to worry about. Among the top-selling straighteners of this company, Philips Vivid Ends BHS675 is truly “worth the money”.

Using the world’s leading advanced technology Split Stop helps to style more quickly, ensuring no frizz or breakage. Accompanied by a UniTemp sensor to help customize the temperature to suit the nature of your hair. Keratin coating is integrated into the blade to increase compatibility with the hair, avoiding strong friction and damage to the hair.

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