Have a Look for Funny Ideas for Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Wedding photoshoot

People always want something new and trendy in their lives whether it comes to fashion, lifestyle, habits, likes, dislikes, or any other thing. A pre-wedding shoot is the trend of today going on for quite some time. It has started demanding novelty to maintain the spark attached to it. Playing tricks on the groom during a pre-wedding video shoot is the latest idea getting viral these days.

The brides love to prank their groom during the pre-wedding photo shoot to add fun to their memorable moments and to release the nervousness before marriage. These pranks enable the bride and the groom to get more comfortable with each other and forget the worries of preparations of marriage so that they can wholeheartedly enjoy their pre-wedding photoshoot and live every moment spent on the day to the fullest.

For playing the prank on the groom, the bride’s or groom’s brothers or friends can join her. Also, she will have to take the photographer into confidence because it is a great deal in the hands of the photographer to set up for the prank. While the photographer is shooting and the groom has his back turned towards the place from where the bride will enter, this moment is the best time to let the bride’s or groom’s friend or brother enter dressed in the bride’s dress.

When the friend/brother will pat the shoulder of the groom and as soon as the groom will turn slowly hoping to see his beautiful bride, the moments are worth several clicks as bursts of laughter are going to follow. This shot will be an incredible shot and truly unforgettable and cherished moment for the bride, groom, and partnering friend/brother. Only a skilled photographer from an established pre-wedding studio in Delhi can capture the moment appreciably.

If you want to try another trick on your friends or a family member who is going to get married soon on their pre-wedding photoshoot day, jump in with your team of relatives or friends on the pre-wedding video shoot location of the couple and ask for a treat. It will certainly surprise them, pleasantly or unpleasantly depending on the mood of the couple.

Remember, not to take much of their time as none of you would like to spoil their day of the pre-wedding photoshoot. Just grab a few clicks with them and then move away to give the couple their space, this will make your prank a reason for laughter and won’t make them feel like a burden.

Couple posing for a wedding photoshoot

Whether shot or not, there could be many other pranks that can be played with the couple not only before the wedding but also on the wedding night. Some of them are listed below:

  • Multiple alarm clocks can be hidden at various locations to disturb the couple.
  • Multiple food deliveries can be ordered to knock on the couple’s door now and then.
  • Surprise visit on the door of the couple with your friends or children in the family or family group.
  • The loud sound recorder can be played suddenly.
  • Sound-making stuff can be placed beneath the bed sheet or mattress.
  • Embarrassing childhood pictures or notes mentioning the groom’s secrets can be placed here and there in the room.
  • Precautions to prevent family planning can be placed at a highlighting location.
  • Certain magazines or DVDs can be gifted to embarrass the couple.

Many other small pranks can be played with the couple. However, it is better to keep them short and limited so that the prank player doesn’t occupy the space given to the couple and the couple doesn’t get annoyed. Keep in mind the sportiness of the couple and decide the extent of your prank. This is necessary to sustain a healthy and friendly relationship. You can also give the couple a gift hamper after playing the prank as makeup for disturbing them. A unique memorable gift is a worthy idea.

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