5 Tips to get your T-Shirts Printed in a Tight Budget

Man printing T-shirt

It is very difficult to find a company that can print your t-shirts at a reasonable price. But, you can still stay on budget and get your t-shirts printed.

Usually, most t-shirt printing companies, do not describe their detailed printing process to the customers.

Therefore, most potential clients just become quotes. Most potential customers easily get frustrated with the quoting process.

But, if you will follow the below-mentioned tips, then you will get high-quality printed shirts without exceeding the budget limit. Read the following steps and observe how the price will drop when quoting with printed t-shirt contractors.

Pick Fewer Colors

If you are planning to print custom t-shirts for any event or organizational function, then always keep in your mind that the number of colors you choose, the more expensive will be your custom printed t-shirt.

So, it is really simple to trim down the cost of your order. If you want to have all-over print shirts, pick one color, and perfect design.

You can easily save money on t-shirt design. You can alter your logo from a full-color piece to a digital art made up of only a single color. Also, you can use simple outlines or transform them into a greyscale picture.

It is not that important to print your logo design in full color if you are just using these t-shirts for promotional giveaway purposes or for a one-time event purpose.

It has been observed that it is optimum to get t-shirts with a greyscale design than none. This is the best way to keep tracking your budget and never exceed it.

Place Order in Bulk

In the printing industry, quantity plays a vital role. Quantity of order can also reduce the cost of printing per shirt. That means, the bigger the order, the less amount for printing per t-shirt you have to pay.

This is another perfect way to get your t-shirts printed in less amount. For instance, if you have placed an order for 12 t-shirts and later on you will exceed 24, then you will observe a significant downfall in printing cost per piece. You should try this trick when quoting. You will be amazed at the positive outcomes of sublimation printing t-shirts.

Cut Down the Print Locations

The size of does design is not a big deal in the printing industry but the number of locations on your t-shirts where you want to print does matter. For instance, if you want to have a big size print on the front of the t-shirt and another large size print on the back, then it may cost the same price as small prints on the front and back of t-shirts.

If you want to cut down the cost, then just simply print on one side of your t-shirt. This way, you can easily save at least 10 to 20 percent of the original price. Usually, customers are not aware of this fact and they place the order for the front, back, and sleeve print.

They consider that sleeve prints are small and they will not cost much. But, it is not so! The number of locations where you want to print can significantly increase the cost of printing.

Do you know that printing on the sleeves is much more difficult than front or back? Therefore, sleeve prints can cost you high. If you are on a tight budget, then you should print on the least number of locations on your t-shirt.

Prefer Light Color Garments

If you want to save money on your printing order, then switch from a dark-colored t-shirt to a white or any other light color. Most printing contractors offer a good discount on light-colored fabric printing.

Printing shirt

They offer the highest discount on white color garments. If you switch from a dark-colored t-shirt to white or heather grey then you can save money and get your all-over print design without exceeding your budget limit. It will not just reduce the cost but also decrease the printing time by up to half.

Show Flexibility with Deadline

Most printing manufacturers have some downtime. If you allow the company to take some more time to complete your order, then they can offer a good discount on your order. By simply showing leniency with specified deadlines, you can save money.

It is true that we all want to accomplish our orders within the specified time frame. In case, it does not matter to you, then you should show flexibility with the deadline to get a good discount.

Final Words

If you will implement the above-mentioned tips, then you can quickly trim down the price of printing per t-shirt. If you are planning to place an order and just reach the stage of quoting then use these tips on how quickly your pricing will drop down.

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