Nude: The New Power Color

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There have been many trends over the years in the fashion industry, some of which cross over into other related industries such as beauty and make-up. Some of these trends come in and out of fashion, making a return every few seasons to cement their place as a staple part of any wardrobe or clothing collection.

Whispering Smith takes us through one of the most prevalent trends of the last few years; the color nude.

This is a shade that has often split opinions down the middle; for some, it was bland and boring. However, its surge in popularity has made it an essential part when building your collection.

Why has the Color Nude Been so Popular in Fashion?

Camel coats and beige trench coats have been stapled parts of fashion collections across the world, and the color has quickly diversified itself into a huge number of different items.

Spurred on further by the rise of diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry, the color nude has become the perfect foundation for any outfit. What’s more, the color nude no longer conjures up images of the original shade of pinky-beige, but a huge spectrum of shades ranging from light to dark.

Both the fashion and beauty industries have embraced this extensively. Nude has extended itself to accessories, shoes, and make-up. When Fenty Beauty launched in 2017, it released 40 shades of nude for its line of foundation.

The likes of Kim Kardashian’s brand of shapewear Skims and Kanye West’s Yeezy line have taken full advantage of neutral shades, fueling the trend further.

Nude Styles and how to Wear them

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Shades of nude use in clothing lines can be incredibly important for their ability to cater to everyone and every occasion. Easy to style, clothing created in nude shades can actually help to provide a more luxurious, grown-up feel to any outfit.

Nude bodysuits, blazers, loungewear, trousers, and shoes all look that little bit more classic and sophisticated, and it’s all thanks to the color. It’s no wonder it’s a trend that comes back over and over.

From the high street to luxury fashion designers, nude-colored clothing has been seen across the board.

From traditional court heels to oversized knitwear, the shades of nude are so easy to wear and style.

Style this ever-prevalent shade from head to toe for the ultimate chic look, or simply choose one piece for accessories. Some classic looks include a camel coat over a white blouse and jeans, while a modern approach might include a nude loungewear set or sleeveless bodysuit.

Whether you’re an avid shopper looking to update your wardrobe, or you’re a fashion buyer with a keen eye for things that will sell, nude is certainly a power color you’ll want in your collection for a long time to come.

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