Top 3 Leather Jackets for Men in 2020

man waring leather jacket and using mobile

One of the most trending jackets since the 1990s is the leather jacket. Leather jackets have been in fashion for a long time and still are. There is no way we can see leather jackets running out of fashion at this moment. Leather jackets were initially introduced for safety measures for the pilots but later turned out to be a trend that got so extended that wearing leather jackets in today’s era is also a trend.

Leather jackets are a sign of fashion, style, luxury, and trend. Having the right kind of leather jacket includes being the right fit for you. Wearing loose leather jackets is not stylish at all. You also need to make sure that your leather jacket is of good quality and has the trending style like the most trending Wonder Woman Jacket for all costume parties.

There is a wide range of leather jackets which are available in the market now. People tend to get confused about what type of leather jacket is the best fit for them. Let us talk about the different types of leather jackets which would be the best fit for men in the year 2020.

All Saints Slim-Fit Leather Biker Jacket

One kind of leather jacket includes the Biker Jacket. It is specially made for people to wear it whilst driving bikes. One of the most important benefits of Biker Leather jackets is that it keeps you safe from the direct chilly wind you face whilst driving a bike. This biker jacket will protect your shirt from catching all the dust which you would be crossing through on your way on your bike.

The main feature of a biker leather jacket is a lapel collar along with a soft inner viscose layer. It consists of padded shoulders and full sleeves with a zipper cuff style. It always has a front zip fastening style. The jacket consists of two diagonal waist pockets on each side of the jacket for the convenience of carrying your stuff everywhere you go. On the other hand, this biker leather jacket gives your body a trim and slim look.

Schott NYC 50s Oil-Tanned Cowhide Leather Moto Jacket

This jacket is one of the best choices a man could make in selecting a leather jacket. This iconic style of leather jacket was made popular by Brando. This jacket was one of the attires in the most popular movie The Wild One. It is still as amazing and trendy as it was back in the 50s. The style of this leather jacket is one of the most iconic yet elegant styles of the leather jacket. It has always been in fashion and is expected to stay in fashion for a longer period of time.

Man wearing leather jacket and walking

These types of leather jackets are made up of cowhide leather and have a soft and comfortable viscose lining on the inside of the jacket for ease. It has a wide lapel collar along with a front zipper fastening. It consists of full sleeves with open hem cuffs and a belted hemline. The jacket has one diagonal zipper pocket on the chest of the jacket along with one buttoned flap pocket on the waist of the jacket. Along with a buttoned buckle on the shoulders.

Theory Leather Zip Jacket

This is one of the best options if you are looking to buy a leather jacket. This jacket is one of the most smoothest and appealing jackets of all. It has a simple yet elegant style. It comes with smooth skin. It is made up of sheepskin leather along with a layer of soft viscose lining on the inside of the jacket. It gives you the perfect shape of your shoulder which makes you look manly.

The jacket has a short stand-up collar along with front zipper closure. It only has two diagonal zipper pockets on each side of the waist on the outside of the jacket. The sleeves are of full length and have simple yet classy open hem cuffs. It has a simple hemline and comes in the best colors. This would be the perfect option for you if you are looking for a simple yet elegant design for a leather jacket suitable for your casual wear.

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