A Quick Insight into the Types of Men’s Hair Toupee

Types of Men’s Hair Toupee

There is a lot to know about human hair toupees as these amazing hair enhancers help in concealing baldness. In this regard, it is vital to know that androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness is the most common condition of hair loss found among men.

As per the statistics, about 30-50% of men over the age of 50 years eventually become victims of baldness. The numerous causes of this specific problem are as follows:

  • Gene
  • Stress
  • Illnesses like cancers
  • Drugs

Dealing with Baldness

Everyone wants that perfect appearance accompanied by healthy and thick hair. That desire is now more accessible, thanks to the abundant availability of different sorts of men’s hair toupees. You can find wholesale men’s toupee offers online and may also visit your nearest specialist store to get hold of that perfect product you have been seeking lately.

Such hairpieces can cover the areas with thinning hair and also hide bald spots if any. You can choose from a wide array of variations depending on their build, colors, and appearance, among other characteristics.

Naturally enough, you would select the one that blends with your natural hair and provides a realistic look. More on that later in the article.

Human Hair Toupee

Before we start discussing the various types of human hair toupees for men’s fashion, first, there are a few points to be cleared. You must already know that some toupees are made of 100% original human hair.

They are slightly expensive, but offer fantastic quality and feel. Besides, they are hand-tied, which brings a sense of naturalness to your look. In this regard, it is worth noting that natural and breathable materials help you feel more comfortable.

Since these toupees are produced entirely using human hair, you can rely on the strength of the hair system. Moreover, they are generally silkier, which offers you a high window to try fashion without damaging your hair system.

Kinds of Men Toupees

Here are the different types of toupees:

Lace Base Hair Toupee

You have probably come across the lace human hair toupee for men since it is among the most popular products accepted by many. The key features of the lace mainly lie in the natural look it offers, besides being fully breathable and being ideal for people who live in warm weather countries. With lace hair systems, you will get comfort, courtesy of the hand-tied ventilation that comes with the lace base material. If you ask us, we would say it is one of the perfect units that you can trust if creating a realistic appearance is your aim.

Mono Hair Toupee

Let’s shift our focus to the monofilament base or mono-hair toupee, which is a firmer alternative and is also much more durable than the others in this list. The monofilament base hair toupee uses natural hair on its top head, and the fact that it’s an artificial hair system remains undetectable. As a result of which, this particular variation of toupee is prevalent and is often considered the best high-class hair replacement framework.

It’s worth noting that the base construction of the mono base ensures enhanced freedom of flow and movement. Interestingly, with a monofilament base hair replacement system you can adopt any style or texture like straightening your hair, making it wavy or curly. You can also keep it as usual or bring it as close as your current hair texture in terms of appearance and feel.

A Quick Insight into the Types of Men’s Hair Toupee

Skin Base Toupees

As the name suggests, the skin material used in this specific hair replacement system looks similar to your original skin tone. Consequently, wearing this particular type of men’s toupee hairpiece will successfully create an illusion that your hair is growing directly from the scalp. Its characteristics are similar to all kinds of toupees that we have mentioned in this list. The skin base toupees too, offer a natural front hairline appearance and allow you to carry out any hairstyle.

Things to Remember

Human hair toupees offer a hundred percent safety. They are washable, and you can also apply dye or bleach for fashion purposes. In this regard, it is essential to note that wearing some fashionable toupee wouldn’t bring that natural look, especially if those artificial hair systems don’t match your original hair features.

Therefore, you must choose a human hair toupee only when it matches your style. In this era of advanced technology, you can practically get customized hair systems ordered. Therefore, consider your desire and start looking for men’s toupee wholesale offers.

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