7 Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes

woman Choosing Athletic Shoes

One of the purest forms of exercise happens to be walking and running. But choosing the right footwear is as essential as the jog itself.

But most of us get confused while opting for the right athletic shoe. Just by one look at the shelves of the shoe store, you can tell that there are endless numbers of styles, options, and colors available for athletic shoes. That is why choosing the ideal footwear is a challenging task.

The wrong athletic shoes can make you end up with aching heels or shin splits.

Though the shoe-store experts are going to aid you with the best advice regarding this and suggest the best athletic shoes for you here are some general tips to help you get the best athletic shoes for your business.

  • Ensure your Shoes are Comfortable: Make sure that the shoes are being marketed as the most comfortable shoes on the planet. It matters how you are using them as the user. Comfort is subject to each player’s taste and preference. Thus you should try them on and ensure they are not heavy and you can move comfortably in them. Comfort happens to be a combo of good balance, good fit, sufficient support and cushioning, and high-quality materials. So you must make sure that the shoes can accommodate your requirements perfectly.
  • Know your Feet: The simplest way for determining the running style and characteristics of your feet is by opting for well-used pair of running shoes and checking the pattern.
  1. If you find wear patterns on the inside edge of the shoes and it appears as an overstated form of the foot’s natural inward roll, it implies that you have flat feet or a low arch. This means your feet roll inwards or they tend towards overpronation. This overpronation can lead to creating excess weight on the inside forefoot and outside heel leaving you at risk of keen injury or pain. You need a shoe with maximum support and motion control.
  2. If you have neutral pronation or arch and your foot has a distinct curve along the inside, opt for a stability shoe that presents the right mix of support and cushioning.
  3. If the shoe displays wear along the outer edge of the shoe you have high arches. This implies that your feet roll outwards and under pronate. Wear is caused on the outer edge of the little toe and heel. In that case, you should opt for cushioned shoes with a softer midsole.
  • Measure the Foot Often: Foot size changes in adults too. So you should measure your feet at least twice a year. The sizes also do vary between brands. So check whether the shoe fits prior to buying.
  • Try the Shoes on at the End of the Day: After walking for some time, your feet may swell. If you shop at the end of the day, you give your feet a lot of time for ensuring that you get the real feel of the shoes’ comfort and fit and do not end up with shoes that are tight.
  • Don’t Need to Break in: Experts suggest that walking and running shoes should feel comfy right then and there. You should walk or run around the store to know whether they are the perfect ones for your feet.
  • Use Rule of Thumb: You should look for athletic shoes that offer a thumbnail’s length of excess space in the area of the toe. The width must be snug but permit a bit of room for the feet to move without rubbing too. Laces must not be tight but rather snug.
  • Replace them at the Right Time: The doctors suggest that athletic shoes must be replaced after 350-400 miles of usage. It is even better if you go by the look and feel of the shoes. If the rear portion of the sole is worn out or if the shoe feels less supportive or uncomfortable, it is time for you to go for shopping again.
woman Wearing a Athletic Shoes

Apart from that, you should also not just go by the looks of the shoes. Thanks to the efficient Shoe designer tool you can now design athletic shoes with a variety of design options effortlessly just the way you want. So opt for a pair that adheres to the above criteria and then design them according to your will.

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