Essential Winter Accessories Buying Guide

man and woman buying a winter clothes

Fight the urge to head out and splurge on an entirely new wardrobe this winter and invest in a couple of essential accessories, instead! That early on in the season panic about having nothing to wear is kind of inevitable, and a lot of people end up splashing a ton of cash on pieces they don’t necessarily need or even like to help them feel prepared for braving the chill. Put a stop to it this year with these amazing accessories! These are going to totally transform your approach to winter dressing, promise!

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are amazingly protective and undoubtedly essential for any cold weather climate that sees a lot of rain or snow over the winter. Keep those hands cozy and warm by investing in a good quality natural pair of calf’s leather gloves in a rich chocolate brown or inky navy. No more numb hands for you!

Knitted Beanie

Come on, if you don’t already have a beanie in your collection then you should really just hop off this article and start looking for one online, pronto. A beanie is a perfect way of adding some serious warmth to your winter looks, without disturbing your styling process at all. Choose a cozy knitted style in a shape that works for your face, once you find a high-quality style that works for you, do yourself a favor and pick it up in a couple of different colors. You’ll get so much wear out of them, they’ll be more than worth it.

Cashmere Wrap

A cashmere wrap is perfect, repeat, perfect for those days when you need an extra layer but you don’t want to drag around a bulky coat once you start to warm up. Cashmere is silky and smooth, look for a thin cut wrap to throw over your shoulders when the chill strikes and stash in your bag for when you’re chilling in some much deserved winter sun! You’ll wonder how you ever went without one of these once you bag one.

woman wearing Cashmere Wrap

Chunky Scarf

Wearing cashmere is a guaranteed means of staying toasty no matter how cold it is outside. Wrap yours over any jumper, tee shirt, blouse, or jacket. You’ll want to look for a non-itchy material like cashmere or lambswool, although textiles like alpaca are lovely, they can start to scratch after a few hours of wear. Hunt for a hue that’s going to flawlessly integrate with your outerwear and upper layers. You could opt for a fun pattern or pop of color to bring some excitement to muted winter colors or go for a basic block color for fuss-free cosines.

Wool Socks

For a soft, cozy, luxurious winter, you should definitely look at investing in a pair of socks that’s more than just a thin layer of cotton between your feet and your shoes. Yes, socks really aren’t the first thing you think of when you’re dreaming of luxury investment pieces, but once you get your hands on some wool or even cashmere socks, you’ll be changing your tune. Look for a plush knitted pair to wear around the house or layer with shoes. A dark neutral will probably work best with your winter wardrobe so veer towards hues like forest green, navy, and black to get the most wear out of your socks as possible.

Grab these essential winter accessories and you’ll have your warmest winter yet, guaranteed.

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