How to up your Style Game while Staying at Home

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When lockdown first started we were all more than happy to spend our days in loungewear, our pajamas, or even our gym kit. Now, months later, the novelty has most definitely worn off and has left many looking for any excuse to pull out our favorite dress, or iron one of our office shirts than having long been forgotten about. While our day-to-day routines have changed dramatically from what they were months ago, drinks with friends, work meetings, and gathering with family are all still happening, albeit virtually.

There’s no reason why staying in should mean that you can’t look stylish. There’s never been a better time to look at your wardrobe and experiment with the different pieces at your disposal. You can then look at any wholesale women’s clothing that is missing from your current collection, or clear out those pieces that you know have been left unworn for far too long.

So, if you are ready to ditch the elasticated waist and embrace your stylish side while staying in, follow our favorite tips on how you can look and feel good with the help of your wardrobe.

Dress up in your Best Pieces

Most of us are guilty of saving our “best” clothes for big events. While this is done with good intentions, given the current climate there’s no time like the present to start wearing that dress you’ve been saving for a big event. After all, all of our social calendars are looking emptier than ever so your best dress might as well replace those elasticated joggers for a day.

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While throwing on a ball gown won’t be the most practical outfit, there’s no reason why you can’t put on your favorite shirt or make use of that glittery Christmas dress that always puts a smile on your face. If nothing else, doing so will boost your mood for the day (and have you looking stylish!).

You can also use this time to wear those pieces that you are worried about ruining with regular wear and tear, whether that’s your favorite pair of trousers or that blazer you’ve been dying to wear to work but just haven’t had the courage to pull the tags off yet.

Embrace Color

Despite all of its redeeming qualities, loungewear certainly leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to color. Much like its function, much of the color palate of loungewear is muted, bland, and downright basic. This is perfectly fine when you are only wearing it on the weekends or days off, but not that loungewear has become the new uniform for many of us, it can leave you feeling drained and drab when you spend all your time in hues of white, grey, and black.

To combat this, and add some style to your days, bring out those real showstopper pieces from your wardrobe. You know which ones we mean, that pair of neon shoes who daren’t wear on all but the brightest days of summer or that bold skirt you have deemed too bright for the office.

To keep things stylish but casual enough to wear while working from home, choose your favorite patterned piece of clothing and pair this with a stunning block-colored garment. For an effortlessly cool look, make sure that whatever block color you choose features in the pattered item too, to give the outfit some cohesion.

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