How Often Should You Replace Your Tennis Shoes?

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Do your feet hurt?

Nothing lasts forever — especially not our shoes. Unfortunately, when our tennis shoes or sneakers start to go, they can take a real toll on our bodies. So, figuring out when and how often you should replace your shoes is essential.

From unsightly holes to a complete loss of foot support, here’s how to figure out when it’s time to retire your trusty, old kicks.

How Often Should You Replace Tennis Shoes?

In short: It depends on how often and why you wear them.

If you’re wearing your tennis shoes as an everyday, walking-around shoe, they’re going to last a lot longer than if you were to wear them while playing tennis.

When it comes to everyday shoes, a good rule of thumb is to replace them about once a year. That said, the exact frequency depends on how well-made your shoes are and how often you wear them. For example, some cheap tennis shoes you wear every day may be ready for retirement after about eight months, while a high-quality pair you only wear three to four times a week may wind up lasting you a few years.

When it comes to running or workout shoes, the lifespan of tennis shoes gets a bit shorter. Running shoes generally need replacing every three to six months, or every 300 to 500 miles.

With all of that in mind, figuring out when to replace your tennis shoes is more dependent on their state than a fixed timeframe. Here are a few surefire signs that it’s time to start looking for new tennis shoes.

Change in Fit

If you have to tie your laces just a bit tighter than you needed to when you first took your shoes out of the box, then it’s probably time to replace them.

From the first moment you put your tennis shoes on, their material starts to stretch and wear out. Eventually, it wears out so much that your shoes no longer fit the way they’re supposed to, which can lead to a loss of foot support and make your shoes uncomfortable.

Loss of Foot Support

Shoes are supposed to support and protect our feet as we live our lives. But if being barefoot is now more comfortable than wearing your tennis shoes, then it’s time to chuck them.

Another obvious sign that it’s time to replace your tennis shoes is a loss of support — which is easier to feel than to see. If your feet, legs, or even back hurt after workouts or running errands, then that could be a sign that your shoes have worn out and aren’t supporting you the way they used to.

Wear and Tear

Have you worn holes in the soles of your shoes? Then it’s high time you replace them.

The most obvious sign that your tennis shoes have come to the end of their usefulness is general wear and tear. Tears or holes in the fabric, a worn-down outsole, and other signs of a well-worn tennis shoe may make your kicks look loved, but they can wreak havoc on your feet if left unchecked.

While there are ways to repair and restore your old shoes, if the wear and tear get a bit too noticeable, your best course of action is to replace them.

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Is It Time for New Kicks?

Whether you think your tennis shoes still have a few good miles in them or are ready to move onto something with a bit more foot support, the main deciding factor in how often you need to replace your tennis shoes is not time but how they feel on your feet.

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