Fashion And Beauty Section: How The Pandemic Changed These Trends


The COVID-19 pandemic is obviously first and foremost a health emergency. However, it has also upended some parts of our daily lives because of quarantine restrictions. One thing that has evidently changed is fashion and beauty trends. There has been a significant response from the absence of salons, facial clinics, and not being able to try on clothes from retail shops. Here are some of the changes we’ve seen so far: 


Less Corporate Wear

Let’s be honest, we all miss dressing up for work. It may have been a drag for most of us to get up in the morning, but getting dressed up was a routine we loved to do. Our personality was expressed in the way we dress daily. Plus, we get to flaunt our professional OOTDs! As companies divert to a work-from-home situation during these unprecedented times, corporate wear is being worn less. No more blazers, trousers, and mid heels. 


Lounge Wear 

Beyond physical comfort, dressing up contributes to providing a sense of normalcy and relief during these overwhelming situations. For some, being at home is no excuse to not dress up. Loungewear is in! Upping the home wear wardrobe is a way for individuals to dress up nowadays! Loungewear is now seeing a rise in demand as more people are at home during the coronavirus situation. It’s also been a way to increase interest for comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style. Everyone’s been hopping on the trend of silk pajama ternos and comfortable fabrics. Most fashion brands have been quick to respond to the trend as they launch their very own loungewear collection. 


More Skincare


Although some facial clinics are already open for appointments, it can still be challenging for some to get out. There has been a rise in the need for skincare products lately. There are individuals who are taking advantage of this time to let their skin

breathe. Staying at home has made more time for face masks, 10-step routines, and morning and nighttime regimens. Facial clinics and skincare brands are also responding to these needs by letting their customers avail of their very own skincare products online.

No In-Store Services

Some salons have been opening up their doors as quarantine restrictions are less restrained. Individuals are now booking appointments for their much-needed facials! On the other hand, there are individuals who still can’t go out. People who are wondering how to manage and care for their hair are not turning to at-home hair treatments, nail services, and even DIY hair coloring!


Gym Wear

Gym and exercise studios are closed for now. But this didn’t stop everyone from working out. For the past few months of quarantine, some have been taking the time to stay active while being stuck at home. There are plenty of free workout apps and videos all around the internet to follow for beginners! Because of this, there has been a rise in demand for gym wear. Each day we see more and more people showcasing their workouts and showing off their cute apparel. 


Influencer Recommendations

COVID-19 has evidently changed consumer behavior – making everyone deliver to online shopping. How many times have you found yourself scrolling through online stores these days? It is even becoming more frequent because of influencer recommendations. Vloggers, bloggers, and personalities are sporting their new favorite purchases. From clothes to food to accessories and even new gadgets. 


Trendy (Yet Functional) Face Masks

Face masks are not only a trend, though. The CDC highly recommends that people wear face masks when going out in public. In fact, in some places, customers are not allowed to enter without a face mask. 

Of course, people have found ways to make the face mask look more fashionable and trendy. There is a wide array of stylish options when it comes to face masks – from plain neutrals, vibrant colors, patterns, and more. 



Minimalism has been a trend for years now. However, it has definitely grown more in popularity amidst the pandemic and community quarantine. More and more individuals are loading up on evergreen basics, neutrals, plain tees, classic jeans, khakis, and more. Apart from this, homeowners are even transforming their homes and taking a more minimalist approach. 


Key Takeaway

The coronavirus has changed everything. And by everything, we also mean fashion and beauty trends. Consumers are starting to shift their properties amidst this new normal. There’s no doubt that these will further widen as this outbreak is still out there.