Facts About Men’s Support Underwear that Every Guy Should Know

men’s support underwear

Something as simple as underwear can be misunderstood all the time, without knowing about its real importance. Many men like to go commando because of the comfort and convenience they get out of it. But what they don’t realize is that not having an extra barrier between their goods and denim pants can cause severe irritations or other medical issues in the future. On the other hand, some guys invest in good quality men’s support underwear since they’ve experienced the numerous benefits that come with it. Wearing underpants is not an option, but a necessity. Choosing the right style, fabric, and size are some of the

factors that make your experience comfortable.

According to health experts, underwear should be compulsorily worn, especially when going out, when wearing thick pants and while exercising. This will keep the privates fully protected from the irritations caused by friction as they provide sufficient support during movement. For men who sweat too much, it is even more of a necessity to use briefs or boxers to stay dry and hygienic.

Underpants Are Created With A Purpose

There are several types of underwear, and each has a unique function. Boxers are considered the most comfortable styles and are usually made of breathable fabric. They provide complete coverage, so men like to put them on to make their lower bodies appear bulkier. Those with skinny legs are highly advised to use boxers to create an illusion of a more prominent body structure.

The conventional styles are the briefs. These are tight-fit and made with very elastic waistbands. Briefs come in various fits, from high-rise, mid to low. Depending on your preference, you can experiment on which style to match with your pants or shorts. You’ll notice the difference when you’re pairing a low-rise brief with low-rise pants. You won’t have to pull your trousers up all the time to avoid exposing your waistbands. It may feel cool for some, especially if their briefs have explicit labels on the bands, but they are not socially acceptable in all situations. Hence, it’s strongly recommended to conceal your briefs as a form of etiquette.

On the other hand, the boxer-briefs have a similar snug-fit but with more fabric covering the thighs. These are great for sporty men or athletes. During workouts or strenuous activities, boxer-briefs are excellent in providing the coverage they need.

The Appropriate Wear For Every Body Shape

Like women, men’s support underwear also has specific styles that are suitable for every body shape:


Typically, briefs are ideal for guys with fit, skinny, and bulkier body shapes. They help accentuate the lower body part because of the snug-fit features.


Men with wider or broader hips will look good on trunks. They help hide the broadness, and the extra coverage creates a smaller look of the overall appearance. Even though they’re hardly seen by anyone, wearing the appropriate underpants immensely improve men’s confidence.


This is the most versatile style among all others. Regardless of their age and body shapes, men can carry the boxer-briefs. It will look good as long as they opt for the right size and colour.

Underwear is the most underrated type of men’s clothing. We hardly pay any attention to it. But on the inside, they continue to provide the comfort and convenience we need to go about our day. Hence, it is vital to invest in quality underpants that make it all worth the trouble.