Extreme Couponer? Use These Tips for Even More Big Savings!

Big savings

Do you love the thrill of finding a good coupon that can save you serious money?

We get it. There’s something exciting about getting a great deal and big savings on your favorite products.

But are you really getting the best deals? Is it possible for you to save more money than you already are? We’re here to offer some tips that can help you make the most of your real-life and online coupons.

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Shop Around

Some shops are notorious for great deals, but many started to wise up after the rise of Extreme Couponing. It’s still possible to save more money than you spend, but you have to be more strategic about it.

If you’re used to the same shops, try searching online for other potential options. If you’ve adapted to penny shopping Dollar General sales, check out other stores even if they don’t offer those cheap prices at face value.

Remember that your shopping doesn’t have to be done at one store. When you compile coupons from several stores, you open yourself up to more deals.

Wait for Sales

Speaking of sales, make sure that you’re patient enough to wait for them if you hear that one is coming up.

Even the best couponer can benefit from a good clearance sale. If you plan on combining coupons with your sale price, though, make sure that you read the label carefully. Not all coupons will allow it.

Read Coupons Carefully

On the topic of reading coupons, you have to read every coupon that you get. Always read the fine print!

Most of the time, coupons offer something like a “buy one get one free” deal, or savings if you purchase a certain amount of items. Sometimes, though, the fine print will tell you that you don’t need to purchase multiple items at all. They’ll give you a discounted price either way.

Reading coupons will also let you see whether or not you can combine them with each other. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get items for pennies because you have several relevant coupons.

Join Loyalty Programs

Every expert couponer knows the value of a good loyalty program. Why not join as many as possible?

When you’re shopping at grocery stores, most major chains have “cardholder prices.” These aren’t for store credit cards; they’re for loyalty cards (that are often online).

These stores can also send you personalized coupons that often stack with the sale price that you’re getting with your loyalty card!

Get Big Savings With These Tips

You already know how to save a few cents on your favorite items. Why not save even more? With these helpful money-saving tips, you’ll get big savings on the things that you need every week.

Don’t overspend on clothing, groceries, or even fun items. Coupons and deals are out there; you just have to find them.

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