Here is How You can Take Help from Expert Physio for your Chronic Pain


An expert physiotherapist is trained to deal with patients who suffer from chronic pain on a day-to-day basis so that he/she can relieve them of their pain. Due to their extensive training and apt knowledge of the human body and its muscle functioning, they have the right needed skills to manage the condition to improve the quality of life. Physiotherapy is famous among people for treating extended muscle problems without the need to spend months on expensive and irrelevant treatments.

Chronic Pain

Before we start this article, it is better that you must have a clear concept of the term “Chronic Pain”. It is a long-term pain that one must be at least suffering from over three months of a time period. It is not only common in adults, and it can also found in children due to inflammation or tissue damage. There are times that it may only affect a single body part or other times it can also widespread in the whole body. If things get complex, it can also lead to disability and poor quality of life in extreme cases.

Causes of Chronic Pain

There is no unit cause of chronic pain as it can be because of multiple reasons or any underlying condition like headaches, joint issues, neck and back pain, repetitive stress injuries, nerve damage, cancer, broken bones, Lyme disease, inflammatory bowel disease, surgery, etc. If you are in agony from any of the mentioned problems, then the probability is that you would suffer from chronic pain shortly, even if you do not suffer from continuous pain right now. Thereby, the ideal solution for you would be to visit a physiotherapist and get yourself relieved of such pains.

How an expert physio will help you deal with chronic pain?

Here are the ways in which a physiotherapist will help you to get rid of your chronic pain and live your life in peace and comfort:

1-     Exercise Therapy

When people are in agony due to chronic pain, they often avoid exercise because they think it will put them in more pain. Whereas, the situation is completely opposite as exercise can help them to get rid of their pain sooner. A good physiotherapist will examine your conditions and then suggest pain-free and pain-reducing exercises that will suit you and your body type. These exercises are only prescribed to the patient after judging their flexibility, strength, and endurance.

2-     Manual Therapy

In some extreme cases, the joint becomes so stiff that no exercise works on them, and exercising can worsen the condition. For this, the expert physio help to deal with this pain by manipulating the joints.

3-     Soft Tissue Treatment

Sometimes the treatments can make them part of the skin very sensitive where you feel pain. Thereby, physiotherapists perform massages, trigger point therapy, do stretches to reduce the pain and increase the mobility of the patient.

4-     Postural Exercises

Pilates and postural exercises have proven to become one of the most effective physio treatments of all times, specifically for back and neck pain. These exercises are low in intensity and build strength and balance better. Moreover, the physio expert can also build a customized postural exercise plan for patients to perform at home as well.

5-     Acupuncture

The ancient technique of acupuncture has also been used in treating chronic pain related to the neck, back, and headache in the past and present as well. Recently, it has also been proven to help with the osteoarthritis of the knee. The expert physio gets proper training in acupuncture and offers pain relief procedures to their patients.

Hence, expert physio has been making its mark in relieving patients of their chronic pain.