Everything You Should Know About Child Custody Before Filing A Petition


If you are thinking about filing a petition for your child’s custody, a number of questions would loom inside your head. After divorce, all you would want is the custody of your child to ensure proper care. For a number of parents striving to find aid for child custody Fort Myers usually wonder when they can meet their child.

So, here I have decided to make you aware of some aspects related to different types of custody explained by child custody lawyers Fort Myers.

Sole Custody

The court may designate a parent to be responsible for the child’s basic life decisions, which may include education, health, religion, and general welfare. This does not mean that both parents are prohibited from making decisions together; However, sole custodianship is usually granted by a judge in situations where it can cause too much conflict.

Joint legal custody

Joint legal guardianship is based on the willingness of the parent to make general decisions regarding the child. “Joint custody” is another term that can refer to joint legal custody or joint physical custody, and a term that is often used for interchange.  Child custody lawyers Fort Myers tell that this type of custody results in the best interest of the child.

Joint physical custody

In cases where the judge grants joint legal custody, the child is essentially divided between the two parents. The child can stay with each parent for a certain period of time, which allows the child to spend equal time with both parents. As per child custody lawyers Fort Myers, Joint legal custody should not be confused with situations where one of the parents has custody but gives the right to visit the other.

Surely, now you would have understood the basics of child custody. However, you need to know that filing a petition requires to be checked several aspects of parents such as financial capability and much more. So, it is essential to get experts assistance.  Marquezkellylaw is the best child custody Fort Myers experts; use their assistance to get your child home. To know more, visit their website.

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