Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14


Apple devices have always been the top priority for most of the users due to its extensive range of features that expands with every new update. After the successful launch of IOS 13 in September 2019, Apple has been working hard for the grand release of IOS 14 in the upcoming months of 2020. There are still a couple of months left in the release of IOS 14 but Apple has already made aware of its new feature updates in the new launch of iPhone. The test version of IOS 14 has already created hype among the users of the iPhone increasing their expectations to a new level.

Apple’s latest device has amazing hidden features that are enough to tell that Apple has worked tirelessly for this new launch introducing functionalities that are not available in any other Android device. In this article, you are going to know everything about Apple’s IOS 14 that is to be launched within a few months.

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  • New Features for Messages

A wide range of new features in the iMessage app can be introduced in the latest IOS 14. This new update in the app may include a mention system slack like that will save the time of its users allowing contacts tagging using the name. This feature also benefits the users that want to keep their group conversation mute but also want to keep themselves alert when someone calls them. It will allow users to receive a push notification when there is a mention of their name in the mute group chat. It enables the retraction of the iMessages allowing both parties to retract after the message is sent, typing indicators inside group chats, marking messages as unread.

  • Augmented Reality App

In IOS 14, Apple seems to be working on the new augmented reality app choosing the codename for this app as “Gobi”. Using augmented reality AR, the app can help in getting the world’s information around the users enabling them to know what’s happening around the world. The augmented reality app may integrate huge features such as Apple Stores and Starbucks which allows users to view products’ information with the iPhone holding up in the Apple Store. Augmented Reality apps can be used for QR code tags, there are also chances that iBeans or AirTags that are to be introduced will also be integrated into the augmented reality app.

  • Setting Third-Party Apps as Default

IOS 14 may launch a feature that will allow the users of iPhone and iPad to switch to third-party apps as their default apps rather than Apple’s apps. Other apps such as Gmail and Google Chrome can be made default apps for the IOS devices. On the previous IOS devices, when you first tapped on the email address or link Apple’s apps would be opened, but this new launch has changed the way. Now the Apple’s apps would not be opened by default by just clicking on the mail or link. This new update would also enable the users to use music apps with HomePod that can be worked along with Siri.

  • Mouse & TrackPad Support

IOS 14 will enhance the functionality of an accessibility feature that supports external mice. Apple is planning to add cursor support in the new launch accommodating Smart Keyboard with Apple’s trackpad. Using the mouse or the trackpad on the IOS devices, you will notice the disappearance of the cursor within a few seconds of being inactive. In the new update, it will introduce multiple pointers with a premium arrow pointer showing its visibility almost all the time. In IOS 14, this new feature will enable more gesture support allowing right-click options with just the tip of two fingers. It may also include a gesture activating Launchpad or the feature of Spaces style allowing users to swap between the apps.

  • New Homekit Features for iOS Application Development Services

Several new features of the HomeKit may be introduced in the new IOS 14 update including Night Shift for lights. Using this feature, users can adjust the color of lights that are HomeKit connected according to the time of day. This feature may attract many users as it would automatically adjust to blue light in the day time and the warmer tone in the night. There is a simpler feature available in the Mac and IOS devices known as Night Shift features, it may be considered as the light-based version of that app. A new feature in the HomeKit is facial recognition for cameras, adding identification features for iOS application development services.


Apple has always amazed its user with its new launches and is all set to win the hearts of millions with its new release of IOS 14. This fabulous new iPhone device is expected to be launched in the upcoming months of 2020 with a wide variety of new features and functions. Apple’s new release will definitely mark itself at the top device containing functionalities that are not launched in any other device. IOS 14 has worked on new features for iMessage apps such as messages that can be marked unread, retracting of messages and typing indicators inside group chats. Third-party apps can now be set to default facial recognition. There is a new app for augmented reality, new update supports mouse and trackpad and Night Shift for light may also be introduced in the new IOS 14.

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