Ethical vs Unethical PPC

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With every business, industry, and practice, comes a certain set of ethics and morals. One should always work in line with those ethics to avoid sabotaging their business with unethical practices. When it comes to digital marketing it is no different. When running pay per click campaigns there is a certain set of ethical, above-board practices to follow. These are the ones that will get you genuine results and rankings. However, there are also unethical practices out there that many people use as a get rich quick scheme. These shortcuts will only ever get you so far. In Australia, you can get White Label PPC service Melbourne to Sydney and other regions for ad campaigns on Google, done by professionals who know the rules. If you’re going to tackle the task yourself, know what’s right and what’s wrong. 


Implement dynamic keywords throughout your PPC campaigns. Picking them thoughtfully and implementing them with consideration will help you get the best out of your PPC campaigns. Don’t just go for the ones with the biggest search volume either. Dynamic keywords can help you grow an organic audience for your business. Choose relevant keywords and structure them well in your sentences. Avoid keyword stuffing. Trying to cram as many as you can in only hinder you. Search engines are looking for genuine, unique, and original content. Making sure your ad copy is considered and informative will improve your results. Failing to do so of keyword stuffing is an unethical practice. This means you could be penalised by search engines or have your site taken down completely if found doing so.

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Choose Your Wording:

While your business might have struck gold and you truly may be the best at what you do, claiming so can hold you back when it comes to PPC. Avoid the use of words like BEST in your ad copy. Pull out the thesaurus and write ad copy that gets the point across without sounding like it’s over-promising. If your product or service does what it says, you won’t need these buzzwords to advertise. Creating genuine ad copy that speaks more to your customers’ interests and desires or your unique point of difference you will naturally garner more interest. 

Direct Your Traffic:

Most people only think about directing their ad traffic to their homepage. While this is a great place to start, you have to consider everything you can do to make your customers’ journey easier. Directing them to specific product and service pages mean you can fast track them one step closer to conversion. This also means your ad campaign will rank as more original and unique in search engines. This is always rewarded to avoid the use of unethical techniques.

Don’t Just Set & Forget:

While a good PPC campaign will do a lot of its work in the background without you, don’t ever think it’s something you can set and forget. In order to get the most out of your campaign, monitor analytics so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. This way you can update and adapt to keep your PPC campaigns working to their full potential.

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