Essentials You Need to Know About Third Party Screening

Due Diligence

The worldwide expansion of markets has gained desirable momentum. However, this has also exposed businesses to some major issues. These include operational, regulatory, financial, and reputational risks. Companies, especially those looking at conducting businesses online, constantly face legal issues and risks related to reputation in particular. How you tackle new vulnerabilities that crop up time and again is a basic requirement that global businesses need to constantly be on the lookout for.

With outsourcing of work to various employees, freelancers, contractors, and temporary workers, screening these third party employees are important. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Is screening a third party employee really important?

Background screening and identity verification are mandatory for workers affiliated with a staffing agency. While it is important to rely on the businesses you are affiliated with, most of the times, it is better to take things in your own hands and carry out these screenings yourself. Here is why it is important.

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Criminal history can be a very real threat: When third party screening is not performed, applicants with a criminal history or blemished past can apply. This ensures what happenened to them in the past does not impact their chances of securing employment.

The question of security threats

There is an additional element of threat related to security that comes with an extended employee base. Employees here are more inclined to possess a history or at least a criminal record of alcohol or drug abuse.

You’re trusting them with your company’s intimate data

Proprietary information is something you may divulge to employees. You have to be certain they can be trusted. The time and effort you put into the background check should fit the job description of the post.  If you are going to be providing personal and intimate information about the company to your potential employee, you need to know that you can rely on the individual so that you can divulge the computer system of the company to them.

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Accessibility is another major concern

Third-party workers that are employed by vendors have access to most or all areas of the workplace. If they are not screened by the company before them being outsourced to your company, things could take a turn for the worst.

Essentials to know about

After verification of the third party is conducted, it is important to get an idea about the business activities taking place. This offers insights on the degree of risk involved when you perform business with companies.

Screen identified parties

It is vital to screen identified parties against all types of lists of high-risk individuals or entities. This takes into account law enforcement lists, sanction lists as well as governing regulatory bodies from all over the world.

Gain an understanding of how the third party obtains funds

This can be a good risk management strategy. Gaining perspective on the industries they perform business with as well as the countries that offer them funds to do so. Also, keep an eye on the amount, volume, and kind of transactions the companies perform. The nature of their suppliers, partners, and clients.

Conduct further scrutiny if required

If you cannot judge risk management with this information, do not be afraid to dig deeper. Higher risk countries, individuals, industries, and third parties need more scrutiny.

Whether it is to safeguard the organization, hire the right employees, or manage risks, it is important to put stringent third-party due diligence policies in place as well as conduct screening and other processes in the best way possible. You put down an effective strategy by carefully thinking about business relationships, the kind of steps you need to undertake to implement these practices, and the potential exposure they are subjected to. You also need to understand how to operationalize them and review the processes in a compliant and steady manner.

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