Essentials needed for students studying medicine


Congratulations! You’ve made it!
You have cleared the pre-med and now you’re in medical school. You are in the process of acquiring a bag, books, stationery and other essentials as you prepare for life in studying at a Caribbean medical university.
You will need a load of things, things more than a scalpel, a lab coat, scrubs and a stethoscope. But do not worry because you do not need a ton load of things. Here are some items useful and worth their money before, during and after medical school:
Widescreen computer monitors of large size and high resolution
Desktop or a laptop, you need 2 of these monitors. Why? Because you will learn ton loads of information during pre-med, basic and clinical sciences. Apart from that, you need a bookshelf and a set of binders. Having 2 large & widescreen computer monitors is advantageous because it helps students understand lectures and interactive material deeply.

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They will be learning a lot from software and videos in high resolution, helping them take notes with relative ease. They can also save the same material and watch them later.
Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, you will need it
According to an unnamed professor: “You could lock a medicine student in a basement for two years with a copy of Robbins, and they would come out & not miss a question on Step 1.”
There are no such things as the sole reference book for medicine. But, Robbins Pathologic basis of disease helps cover everything you need to know during the first few years of school. The book is detailed but is also the best reference book for anything during your pre-med and basic science years, recommended by both students and professors.
A smartphone
A smartphone will help you keep track of emails, schedule, notes and the like. The ability to check them anytime anywhere will give a great advantage. Since they get better and better by the year, they have also started helping students’ study whenever they are on the go.
Let’s think of it this way: Pull out a set of anatomy flashcards before a presentation or a meeting could start. You can then showcase your knowledge. This can also be used for quick reference when working or studying. It can also help you learn about a condition and medication and help out your preceptor.
A good quality stethoscope
Buying a good quality stethoscope will be better than the base model. The electronic cardiology stethoscope is not needed because you are till a student and you may also lose it. A good quality stethoscope will help you greatly whenever you are conducting an exercise or a checkup.
A comfortable mattress and bed
Medicine is a strenuous discipline and it will give you sleepless nights. Whenever you get tired, you will need sleep. Hence a comfortable mattress and a good bed will help you get some good sleep.
Top notch question & review books
A lot of question & review books exist in the market today.
However, professors and students alike advise against them because not only will they be used as a primary source for studying but will also make students miss out what professors teach them. Students will then also be focusing too much on USMLE Step 1 and will miss out on their current courses.
However, review and question books can be incorporated nicely in normal test preparation during basic sciences. They contain helpful mnemonics & tools in helping study complicated concepts. Best is to first to study primary materials and then use them as last review notes before an exam.
A good anatomy atlas
Having a good anatomy atlas is important because it has diagrams and images with proper labels. There are several books on anatomy combining images, atlas, and text. Whereas a true anatomy atlas has the same but with the least verbosity.
Avoid overspending for medical school
In the Archives of Internal Medicine, a study revealed that physicians going to top-notch medical schools did not perform as good as their peers in terms of the quality measure. Their peers came from both top-notch and least prestigious schools and performed much better.
Hence, students need to avoid overspending for medical school.
Over to you
It is best that you buy these essentials at the right time, which is now. You can buy them later but its recommended you buy them now. There are medical schools that have an affordable tuition fee, but most medical schools have expensive.

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