Erectile dysfunction and nightfall



Do you know about erectile dysfunction and wet dreams? Are these issues making you feel bad about yourself?  Although it is very mutual for men to have encountered it at some stage in their lives, addressing the matter may become very shameful, and men are generally left with many distressing questions about the same subject.

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as not able to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. If it occurs once in a while like out of the blue moon then it’s really not stressful. But if it’s something that is constantly reoccurring then you are worried about it. It will affect your marital life and you can be left with low self-esteem.

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On the other hand, wet dreams and nightfall are related to the occurrence of spontaneous orgasm and ejaculation usually during sleep or while dreaming. Mostly found in adolescent boys or young adult men.

Some men are aware of it while sleeping or dreaming about it they might get up and know what actually happen. But most of them keep dreaming and sleeping without even realizing about it that what actually is happening and how can they stop it.

Both of them can leave you with embarrassment and low self-esteem and can have a psychological effect on you as well. Men with these might isolate themselves and won’t even discuss and talk about it to anyone.

Causes of Erection

ED can cause because of the problems associated with erection at any stage. Erection can result from increased blood flow in your penis. Blood flow is usually stimulated by either sexual thoughts or having a direct connection with your penis.

When a man is sexually active, muscles in the penis relax. This cause increase blood flow through the penial arteries, filling two chambers inside the penis.

An erection usually ends when the muscles contract and accumulated body can flow out through the penial veins.

Treatment for ED

Treatment includes medications that help you with the signs and symptoms of ED. Talk therapy is also useful in this. You can consult a good psychologist and talk about the anxiety, stress, and depression you are having because of ED.

Moreover consulting a good sexologist is always a good option to do. There are a lot of sexologist in abroad which can help you with the symptoms of ED. But in Pakistan a well know sexologist is Dr. Farooq Nasim who is good at treating all sexual dysfunction men are facing these days and they don’t seek help for it. And as a result, they continue to suffer.

Dr. Farooq Nasim is good at providing different treatments including erectile dysfunction which is in Urdu is known as namardagi ka ellaj treatment because in Pakistan a lot of people might not be aware of erectile dysfunction as it’s called as namardagi ka ellaj.

Is there any connection between erectile dysfunction and nightfall / wet dreams?

A lot of people might get confused with this question. Actually they both don’t have a connection to each other.

Nightfall which is popularly known by names wet dreams or having sex dreams. It happens because when adolescent hit their puberty age they undergo hormonal changes and their testicles start producing sperms. And because of that, they begin to have sexual dreams and sexual arousal during sleep which causes ejaculation.


Puberty is going through a difficult time. There are many changes occurring in your body and you are too young to recognize them. Both hormonal and sexual changes occur within the body. As a young teenager, you experience embarrassment and shyness in talking to your parents about it.

Some good and common home remedies for the night are: drinking Almont milk is one of the best things to do in order to avoid nightfall and wet dreams.

Body massaging with any herbal oil is also the best remedy because it will relax you and you’ll sleep without any anxiety or stress. Supplements available in medical stores for stopping nightfall and wet dreams might help you in dealing with this.

Moreover consulting a good sexologist is always a safer and best option one should opt for. In Pakistan mostly people visit sexologists and get ehtelam treatment in lahore which is known as this in Pakistan.

It’s a common occurrence for adolescents and shouldn’t be considered a taboo. The emphasis should also be on how nightfall or nocturnal emissions can be prevented. Myths, like being frail, or having erectile nightfall dysfunction, are a hoax. They do not need to be worried about that. Tell your doctor if you cannot solve the question of how to avoid the nightfall for the best outcome of the treatment at night.

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