Enterprises Globally Are in Dearth of Skilled AI Engineers


Enterprises across the globe are in a dire need for AI professionals that can help them gain a competitive advantage in terms of market share. With AI-powered automation, intelligence, and process excellence, an enterprise can certainly rise above the competition with much ease.

But, the crucial question over here is: Are there enough AI engineers that are skilled enough to be hired at these enterprises?

Given the nature of the job, and the diverse skillset it demands, there do not exist enough AI researchers and engineers worldwide, who are available for hire. And that’s the primary reason for the ones qualified for the role of earning big in terms of remunerations and the associated perks.

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Scarcity of Skilled Individuals – Biggest Resistance to the Enterprise AI Needs

Hired, a tech talent-search platform, published a report recently, namely – ‘State of Software Engineers’, set to explore the most in-demand AI engineers, and the related coding languages. It found that the demand has gone up by 146% for computer vision engineers in the last one year, whereas during the same period, Machine Learning engineers scored a 89% jump in terms of their need in the AI domain.

AI-enabled automation has already seeped their way into a number of organizations across the world, but this number is still small, given the percentage of firms currently leveraging AI in their business processes. The Hired report confirmed the growing relevance of AI professionals at enterprise-level, citing that the salaries have spiked by large numbers in the last one year for ML & AI engineers. To be specific, Machine Learning engineers, now, are among the highest-paid software engineers across the globe.

Enterprise AI Needs Are Differentiated and Diverse 

Each firm/enterprise has got a different need in terms of AI/ML talent. More often than not, AI professionals adept at developing NLP models, and skilled at understanding the concepts used in computer vision, are being employed the most at the enterprise level.

 AI Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

In the recruitment sector in the oil and gas industry, AI is leveraged in the form of trend-based modeling. On the other hand, engineers in the same industry use AI in physics-based modeling.

A Handsome Demand Exists for AI Engineers with Expertise in Tech Frameworks

Organizations, or enterprises, in the present times, are incorporating AI in their daily business activities taking assistance from cloud-based AI services such as AWS, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, among others. It’s a great way to minimize spending on AI-usage for business, while at the same time, enterprises can benefit optimally having subscribed to the AI-cloud platform.

Hadoop, Data Lake Technologies, and Cloud-based applications are some of the most popular AI-technology frameworks, prospective engineers are developing expertise in. AI certifications addressing these technology skills are available online to be grabbed. Noteworthy over here is the fact that credentialed individuals are preferred by recruiters across all the industries where AI is presently being leveraged.

AI Researchers and AI Engineers – The Biggest on Global Demand

Researchers, equipped with a deep understanding of the development and testing of AI algorithms, exist in very few numbers across the world. The same is the case with AI engineers. Besides, the most in-demand AI skills at the moment comprise the skillset attached to working on cloud-based AI services platforms such as Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and AWS.

Concluding Words

As the said technology evolves further in the future and engulfs the other industries that are still left to be touched by AI, the need for skilled AI individuals would surge to an all-new high. And eventually, a lot more job opportunities will emerge for certified AI professionals across every industry you can think of at the moment.

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