ELAC Audiophile Powered Speakers: All You Need to Know


The key to a great home music system is – without question – speakers. There’s always the need to think about better speakers, bigger ones, the latest, and the most excellent – everything that’s good. But not all can be acquired. ELAC audiophile powered speakers can produce the sound of a live musical performance, especially in a room with good acoustics. 

To experience a musical, emotional, and personal culmination of a life-long thrilling experience, one needs these speakers.  

Here is the breakdown of some of the most important things one needs to know about these audiophile speakers.

Their Difference from Unpowered Speakers

It is common for most people to use the terms powered or active and unpowered or passive interchangeably, though they mean totally different things. Most of the time, however, they go hand in hand.

The terms powered and unpowered refer to whether or not the speaker has a built-in power amplifier. On the other hand, the terms passive and active are used to refer to the type of crossover system they use. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s understand what powered speakers mean and how they work. 

They feature a built-in amplifier which an unpowered speaker doesn’t have. This means that they have to be connected to an electrical outlet directly. Think of it as a combo amplifier.

What Makes them More Streamlined

The audiophile power speakers by ELAC can be connected directly to the sound source since they already have their power amplifier. That means they can be connected to a mixer or an mp3 player, which makes them more streamlined. 

The fact that they’re streamlined helps in cutting out the need for extra cables and an external power amp. One can, therefore, know the sound to expect as soon as they hear it.

Are They the Best for Typical Players?

Audiophile power speakers seem to work well with typical players because they minimize the amount of gear needed. Besides, players don’t have to match a power amp to a set of speakers because it is a turnoff to them.

Uses of ELAC Audiophile Power Speakers

Output Device for PC Systems

These speakers can be connected to multiple sources simultaneously. For surround sound viewing, they can be directly connected to a TV set while offering multimedia input or output options.

Their connection can also be wireless or via USB, making it easy to hook up mobile phones, tablets, or music production laptops to the speaker.

They can also be used by DJs and karaoke hosts. Also, bands can use them for live performances. For most DJ uses, however, powered speakers with RCA input are recommended.


Acquiring a speaker depends highly on the user’s needs and what they’re looking for. Audiophile powered speakers are convenient and easy to use. Also, they can make a great music system and offer the sound of live music performance. But before settling on these speakers, one needs to have some background information about their features.