Educational Toys for the Developing Child

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When you are thinking about buying toys for your child, it is crucial to foresee what it can teach them. Remember, even though the play is considered to be a fun activity, a developing child needs to have educational toys that teach them the essentials of life.

While choosing the best toys for the child will depend on their age, educational toys are meant to teach basic problem-solving skills and approach each problem as a challenge, drastically changing the perception of the child and also boosting the self-confidence of the child. Educational toys can be given to a baby within the first years as there are various age-appropriate toys for a developing child at every age. These toys spark interest and boost child learning creatively, no matter their age. While babies do not require interactive toys, as the child grows older there are simply too many options for parents to choose from.

Children between 1 to 12 months old

Although it may seem unrealistic, children start to learn from the first months itself, when they are provided with the right type of stimulation, and thereby, promoting necessary actions and movements at that age.

While it may seem counter-intuitive for this age group to receive educational gifts for kids, there are many different types of toys in the market that are tailor-made for the first years of the child. Some great examples of educational toys at this age group are, but not restricted to, soothers, portable toys with lights and sounds, stackers and blocks, light up dance mats with sounds, and many other types that the child can benefit from.

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At this age, sensory play alongside developing hand-eye coordination is crucial, therefore, choosing the right toy for this age is relatively uncomplicated.

Children between 12 to 24 months old

At this age, children become very active and start to move around considerably. The right toys that can teach the child balance and coordination to boost child mobility are imperative to boost productive playtime, which is enjoyable.

At this age, themed playsets are great, as they teach the child recognition skills. For instance, a themed playset with animals, or different types of colours and shapes. A child at this age will thrive with toys like walkers, push cars, stride and ride toys, themed toys sets and colouring books.

Children above 2 years

By the age of two, a child is ready to learn the basic that teach them cognitive skills, different types of physical play, like tricycles, that teaches them movement, balance, and coordination. Improvement of cognitive functions can be done with various colouring books and practising their basic literacy skills through engaging books, and learn how to start writing. Also, the story and pictures book with big pictures and few words per page will teach the child to associate the book with the story of the dog or the boy with a cycle, etc.

The right types of games and books can teach them their name and how to write it. The best toys for this age group are but not restricted to bowling sets, kinetic sand, T-balls, basketball hoops, counting toys, and magnetic building toys. These are a few examples of great toys for this age group.

Choosing wisely is crucial for the child

With the rising dependency on technology, many of the children nowadays do not get enough physical play and outdoor time that is essential for their development in a multitude of ways. Therefore, although games such as puzzles, plush toys, and dollhouses are very important for the child, going outdoors is also a great way to learn. Using a combination of indoor and outdoor games is ideal for the child.

Changing times have also ensured that there are various alternative programs and classes that parents can opt for their child. Alternative methods of learning provide the child with various options to learn the same concept, which he or she can choose as per their comfort level and interest.

Whether it is structured or unstructured play, when parents choose age-appropriate DIY projects for kids, they ensure that the child gets to learn in a relaxed atmosphere and take their time to learn things their way and in a comfortable manner.

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