Ireland: Top Reasons to Study Bachelor’s in Ireland

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Are you still wondering where to pursue your bachelor’s from? Well, the question is quite tricky and confusing as there are various study abroad destinations. But fret not, we are going to discuss one of the top studies abroad destinations i.e. Ireland that you can consider for pursuing a bachelor’s program.

Located on the edge of Europe, Ireland is an island nation offering world-class education, high quality of living, and ample growth opportunities as a result of which more and more international students are relocating to study in Ireland.

Let us know some of the reasons why we believe that Ireland is a perfect study abroad destination for studying for a bachelor’s degree.

Pursue Bachelor’s in Ireland

A friendly, safe, and internationally acclaimed country, know why Ireland is a quintessential destination for pursuing a bachelor’s program:

Variety of Courses

Irish Universities offer an extensive choice of courses and study abroad aspirants can choose from a variety for pursuing their bachelor’s program. Right from Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Management to Cyber Security, Data Science, Pharmaceuticals, and Digital Marketing, universities in Ireland offer ample programs. There is a course for every student according to one’s eligibility and interests.

Top-Ranked Universities

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Ireland boasts of having some of the top-ranked universities that are spread across cities like Dublin, Cork, Maynooth & Limerick. Students can secure their careers by pursuing their bachelor’s at a highly recognized university. Some of the popular Irish universities for pursuing a bachelor’s program are:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland Galway
  • University College Cork
  • Dublin City University
  • University of Limerick

Entry Requirements

Irish Universities are particular about the quality of students studying at their universities and hence there is a specific entry criterion for the same. The tertiary education system in Ireland is divided into three categories i.e., Universities, institutes of Technology, and Colleges. The entry criteria for each one differs and let us see what that is:

  • For Universities – 70%-90% in 12th
  • For Institute of Technologies – 70% in 12th
  • For colleges – 55%-60% in 12th

Scholarships Opportunities

For pursuing a bachelor’s program, there are numerous scholarships for international students in Ireland that the universities and the Irish Government offer. These can be fully paid or partially paid scholarships; to avail of these, students must meet their eligibility criteria. Some of the popular scholarships for international students in Ireland are:

  • The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship
  • V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship
  • Global Excellence Graduate Scholarships
  • Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship
  • Quercus Taught Masters Academic Scholarships

Post-Study Work Rights and Part-Time Work Opportunities

At a bachelor’s level, International students are eligible to get two types of post-study work rights i.e., level 7 and level 8. Level 7 offers 6 months of PSW that is applicable to the students pursuing an ordinary bachelor’s degree whereas Level 8 offers 12 months of PSW that is applicable to the students pursuing a bachelor’s honors degree.

International students can also work part-time while pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. During college, they are allowed to work for 20 hours per week whereas, during vacations, students can work for 40 hours.

Pursuing higher education abroad offers various advantages like it helps the students in honing their language skills and allowing them to experience a global style of learning. It not only helps in building a strong network worldwide but also rewards you with a dozen of career opportunities.

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