6 Tips for Writing a Great Essay

Writing an Essay

The purpose of an essay is to examine the student’s critical thinking and ability to express accurately through words. Bringing this thought process into an academically written piece should be your goal in essay writing. There are six basic tips that you can follow to master this skill.

Analyze the Given Question

Often enough students receive the prompts for an essay in question form. Your essay has to be a direct response to it. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly analyze it before starting to write. This will help you determine exactly what you have to write about. Generally, the essay question consists of the following components:

  • Content Terms: These are key ideas that are related specifically to the task.
  • Directive Terms: The approach you are required to take like discussion, analyzing, defining, evaluating, or comparison.
  • Limiting Terms: The scope of the topic.

Your Argument must be Defined

As you start creating a plan and preparing for the essay, think about the argument you will be making. For writing authentically about a topic you must demonstrate an informed point of view. Figure out which position would be the best to take by studying the question. Then define it with the help of a well-matched and strong argument. You can either write in support of the topic or against it.

Use Evidence, Reason, and Scholarly References

To convince the readers in terms of your argument, use reasoning and ample proof. This involves to evaluation and referencing of genuine academic works.

Evidence will provide the information needed to back your claim. It consists typically of facts, statistics, quotations, and illustrations.

Reasoning links evidence with your argument. Instead of citing one piece of evidence after another, you must evaluate each of them. This will show you truly have the knowledge to support your idea. If in need of assistance reach out to write my essay online service which excels in quality academic content.

Making Key Points

References relate the argument you have made to authentic scholarly research done previously. This is a very strong part of your essay which shows your academic knowledge. Therefore, make sure that you choose reliable journals and academic content for this purpose.

Maintain Coherence

There are three main sections that an essay must consist of introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introductory paragraph provides context for your discussed topic. It also contains the thesis statement which displays the position you will be taking. Your introduction should serve as a road map of how the essay will present and develop the argument.

It then leads to the body paragraph which contains the actual elaborated details of the argument. You present your case here and add support through your well-researched evidence. Each paragraph within the body should just hold one idea.

Lastly, the conclusion will summarize the points you have already made. Refrain from including any new material at this point. It should end with a thoughtful statement that urges readers to think further about the topic.

Clarity is Key

Writing with a clear and easy-to-understand perspective is what makes an essay worthy of top grades. By carefully revising and editing your work you can get rid of any errors and unnecessary material.


Double-check the citations for accuracy. Sometimes you are required to use a specific style so make sure you follow it. Request your instructor to clear any confusion so you can submit a perfect essay.

With these tips, you can become an expert essay writer in no time. Just make sure to keep practicing them for the best results.

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