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The various cloud infrastructure tools from Microsoft technologies have gained popularity across enterprises in different sectors. This has made it imperative for IT professionals to get trained in the latest tools and technologies and keep their skills up-to-date. Each of the Microsoft certification courses prepares individuals for specific job roles. The skills and the relevant certificate are all you need while seeking employment. However, some of the exams can be quite complex and difficult in the absence of adequate training. Here are a few tips to help you clear the exams with confidence and ease.

Choose the Right Exam to Prepare for

Before you start taking the preparations, you would have to decide on the exam for which you would like to appear for. As mentioned earlier, several courses cater to individuals preparing for different job roles. You wouldn’t want to complete the wrong Microsoft certification courses that do not prepare you for the job you seek. The official website of Microsoft offers roadmaps of the exams to complete for specific roles. You might want to look at these roadmaps and figure out which courses you need to complete and in what order.

Gather Study Materials

Typically, you cannot finish the Microsoft online courses simply by reading about the topics online or watching available videos. The exams consist of tricky questions, which are often difficult even for experienced professionals. This justifies the value of quality study materials. Here are a few ways in which you may go about these:

  • Purchasing the Right Books: While buying books, make sure that you are purchasing the right ones. A book that does not cover most of the topics in the exam would not be of much help. You might particularly want to study the books that Microsoft has officially published. These books cover all the topics systematically and logically, following a step-by-step process.
  • Training: To prepare for exams on complex topics like cloud computing, you would need hands-on experience. Moreover, just like in the case of any other course, studying under the guidance of experienced professionals would be more effective than self-studying. To achieve this, you may get yourself enrolled in one of the reputable institutions. That way, you may stay assured of receiving quality training that would help you build up practical skills.
  • Dumps: For challenging exams, dumps can certainly prove to be helpful. You must be knowing that the questions are often tricky and complex. Staying abreast with the nature of the questions you might have to face in the exams would help you prepare much better. However, it would help if you remembered to study dumps only when you receive them from a reliable source. Dumps on cloud security that are not up-to-date or accurate would end up misguiding you.

With the right study materials available to you, the exam would certainly become much easier.


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The Microsoft artificial intelligence courses are based on practical knowledge and skills that you would need to solve real problems. To develop such professional skills, one must be regular with the practice. Make sure that you have access to all the necessary tools and technologies. Regular practice would also help you get ready for the job role you are preparing for as a Microsoft-certified professional in the future.

Prepare a Detailed Routine

This may seem like a primary practice from back in the school days. However, it is certainly effective and helpful in Microsoft certification training as it eases the preparation process. Make a detailed plan regarding how much time to dedicate to which topic and when. Take note of any deviations from the actual hours from the planned hours.

Following these steps should help you obtain the desired Microsoft certifications. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that while enrolling yourself in an institution, it is better to invest some time into finding the right one. Check for details of an institution, such as the track record, range of courses, achievements, variety of services, etc.

Leading online institutions like Koenig offer a comprehensive range of academic services across multiple certification courses. As long as you receive the right guidance and are truly dedicated, cracking the exam wouldn’t be too tough. This justifies why successful aspirants count on such reputable organizations.

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