Education in the United States of America


The US has been the dreamland for many a thing, their unique approach to the conventional education system being the one. International students, who aspire to acquire a degree from the reputed organizations in the US, can make their dreams successful. They will be spoilt for choices as an array of schools, programs and locations are available.

Some Fundaments Stats:

  • The US is the second-largest higher education system after China. It is the top destination for international students.
  • In the 2016-17 academic years, 1,078,822 international students registered in the educational system of the US.
  • The number of international students coming to the US to study has increased by 621 per cent since 2015-16 academic years.
  • The international students in the US are mostly Indians and Chinese, Australia and Germany following them.

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Now, coming back to the quirky facts that the US have in their educational institutes and have made the world raise an eyebrow-

  1. Students Don’t Have To Decide What To Study Right Away

In the US, students are free to choose different minor and major subjects each semester. The educational system has nothing to do with students declaring a major (the main subject that they will graduate in) in algebra, but taking the minor subjects in literature, language, mathematics, genetics, or any other areas.  Relation between the five subjects in each semester has nothing to do with each other. This ability to continue to study in a variety of subjects is one of the most attractive things about going to university in the US. says John Marcus, the Content Head of brand Assignment help

  1. Grading Is Important- College Life Is Relaxed

a massive disparity is seen in the colleges and universities in the US with a relatively relaxed nature of students attending classes and lectures. A laid back attitude attracts many. However, the grading system is strict, and slightest error (spell checker) on essay and can bring immediate suspension, and year loss.

  1. Flexibility Dominates

US colleges adhere to a flexible policy of changing courses every semester, not being strict with attending classes and lectures, and many such things. Switching colleges are also allowed in between terms without paying any extra money for doing that. There’s more flexibility than one may expect.

In this blog we have explained three uncommon facts about the American educational system. Though atypical, but these are the policies that have made the US a crème location for international pupils for studying.

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