Easy Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress Leveraging Bootstrap


Launched as the most appropriate blogging platform, WordPress witnessed its vast acceptance among businesses belonging to multiple industries. Being a top-rated CMS, developers leverage WordPress to build a range of websites for different purposes while integrating cutting-edge features, functionalities into it.

According to data, approximately 33% of all websites worldwide are powered by WordPress and it is also believed that 50,000+ WordPress websites are launched on a regular basis. Besides, many more WordPress-based websites still to come in the coming time.

Now, the question arises here why WordPress is so popular, even though there are a number of other CMS platforms available for website development. Well, the simple answer is it has some great features that are not offered by its rivals.

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Some of these features are flexibility, simplicity, user management, media management, publishing tools, easy theme system, and many more. These features have indeed a great role in making WordPress website appealing, robust, user-friendly, and engaging.

Above are some reasons why enterprises today prefer to convert Photoshop to WordPress. Though PSD to WordPress is a highly popular service in today’s time, still many people are not familiar with it.

Well, PSD to WordPress conversion involves the steps of converting PSD design files to WordPress themes by leveraging robust technologies such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss all steps of Photoshop to WordPress conversion with the use of Bootstrap. But, before this, it’s important to explore some basics that you might be seeking to know.

What is PSD?

Photoshop Document in a short form known as PSD, which is basically a default file format. Designers find it quite appropriate to create a custom design. The main reason it is PSD is indeed one of the best designing tools that let professionals designers create design files with less effort and save it as workable files.

What is WordPress Theme?

In WordPress, a theme plays a crucial role in defining the overall look and effectiveness of any site developed on this platform. A theme includes the number of stylesheets and also templates. You can understand things like the theme of any smartphone that defines the feel and appearance of any device.

What is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is nowadays the most heard word, which gives a website the ability to work on any device flawlessly, be it mobile or desktop devices.

Responsive web design is also defined as an important technique that leverages CCS3 media queries, HTML5, and others. Since the responsive web design is backed by none other than Google so it is important to make your WordPress website fully responsive.

Doing it ensures that your website will run across all the platforms smoothly while delivering a seamless user experience.

Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress Using Bootstrap

Take a look at several steps that professionals follow to convert your PSD design to WordPress

Analyze the PSD

First and foremost, you need to analyze your Photoshop design, which is capable of comprehending all issues that you face, especially during the conversion process. It will also give you a complete overview in terms of how you will be able to start and complete your PSD to WordPress conversion project.

Slicing the PSD Design

In the next step, you can now cut your design files from Photoshop. It is indeed an important step that lets developers code the design files separately. It is tough for WordPress developers to code the entire design from a single image.

Download Bootstrap

In the next step, you need to download your Bootstrap file. Once the download gets finished, you will be able to then extract your zip file to a folder. While opening the folder, you will be able to discover two folders such as JS and CSS.


It’s an important step in the entire process to convert PSD to WordPress. In this, developers leverage HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to code the design files.

Divide HTML File into WordPress Theme File Structure

Once you convert your PSD design files into the latest version of HTML5 and CSS3. Now you should proceed to perform the main conversion. To do so, you can divide your WordPress file into index.html.

Integrate WordPress Inbuilt Tags and Several Functions

Now, you can integrate built-in WordPress tags, functions, and CMS, which generally takes care of everything properly.

As a technical writer, Susain Dicousta has expertise in technology domain. She has written on a variety of topics such as html to WordPress, Psd to WordPress Conversion, etc.

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