Earthing and bonding solutions – Protecting business assets from electric shocks


A business is known for its various assets. These may include property, every house, and even its people who work whole-heartedly towards the success of the company. Various potential hazards can cause damage to such assets. Natural accidents like earthquakes and floods are preventable but cannot be foreseen. However, damages due to electrical shocks are something that can be prevented easily through earthing and bonding solutions. Earthing and bonding refer to dedicated and specialized systems that help in preventing electrical shocks from the main circuit board. It acts as a safety mechanism that protects assets and human lives from unwanted electrical shocks by acting as a circuit breaker thereby cutting the source of supply. 

There are dedicated companies which are specially working towards providing such earthing systems. They aim at providing the following solutions which can be categorized under the following heads:

  • Assessment and audit:

Earthing and bonding solutions which are installed for protecting assets of a business or industrial establishment from electrical surges requires timely assessment and audit. Companies engaged in providing such solutions carry out timely audits concerned with the functioning of the auditing system as installed by their dedicated professionals. They work towards carrying out periodic and scheduled assessments and audit-related to complete functionality of the auditing system. Physical inspection is carried out to ensure this system is completely healthy and functioning. Moreover, they study the earthing solution which has already been installed within a particular establishment. They carry out analysis procedures to understand the functionality of the earthing system already installed and thereby carry out further processes to install a new earthing solution for battery effectiveness. 

  • Testing and overall system management:

Before installing a new earthing and bonding solution for a particular industrial establishment, it is very essential to understand and assess the area where the earthing system will be installed. Visual assessment of the area as well as the type of earthing solution which will suit that particular establishment is analyzed. Moreover necessary testing and measurement procedures are conducted related to soil sensitivity, earth grit resistance, and earth conductor corrosion assessment. This helps in understanding the type of earthing solution which will suit that area and can help in providing necessary safety for a longer period without any hassle. 

  • Designing of the earthing grid system as well as it’s testing:

After all the necessary testing and measurement processes have been completed concerned with the soil resistivity and various others etc. the procedure for designing the earthing and bonding rate system is carried out. An earthing solution installed within an area requires an understanding of the type of soil as well as the conductor or grid system which can be installed for safety. Dedicated professionals design computer-based models to identify the earthing system which can be easily installed for providing unparalleled protection.  

They carry out simulations and modeling procedures to identify the feedback of an earthing system as well as its functionality. For example, the type of great power conducting system which can be installed in an area along with its current resistivity limit can be easily identified through computer-based models and simulations. 

  • Making available the earthing and bonding solution:

Companies engaged in providing necessary or thing and body solutions provide a specialized compound which helps in controlling and even reducing soil resistivity. They help in providing necessary solutions that aim towards ordering and bonding for protecting the individuals from impending electric shocks. The compound they provide can help in improving the conductivity of soil and thereby reduce the chances of getting an electric shock. 

  • Installation and final delivery:

After conducting necessary procedures related to testing of the site where earthing has to be performed, necessary solutions are provided. Companies engaged in providing necessary solutions to help towards installation and event testing the system for their hassle-free delivery. Moreover, even after the solution has been completely installed and is functional for a long period necessary rejuvenation and maintenance processes are also provided. Correction procedure concerning earthing connections is delivered to ensure the system works for a longer period without any obstruction. 

There are various benefits that industrial establishments and businesses receive upon the installation of earthing and bonding solutions. Some of these are listed below:

  • Protection of their assets:

Unwanted electrical shocks from a nearby grid can become a cause of potential damage to various assets that a company may own. Various types of business assets like machinery can be protected through the installation of earthing and bonding solutions. The system helps in providing necessary safety to the assets of the company by activating protection systems and thereby blocking the electrical from affecting the assets in any way. 

  • Providing necessary safety and security to operators and employees:

The earthing and bonding system provides necessary protection and safety to the operators and various employees who work on the production ground and are susceptible to harm due to electricity. It acts as a shield where the current from a potential source does not cause any harm to an individual. It helps in providing a path for a fault current which directs it back to the earth thereby protecting the individual from unwanted electrical shocks. Moreover, bonding helps in reducing the risk of electrical shocks when an individual by accident touches a metal object thereby allowing the electricity from a fault in the electrical installation to reach their body and cause damage. 

Companies providing such services make sure they carry out necessary testing and installation procedures with complete efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, they provide unparalleled diagnosis and measurement procedures to identify the area where the earbuds and bonding system will be installed for protection. The solutions they provide helps in dissipating energy from a potential electrical source into the ground without causing any damage to the area or the assets of a particular industrial establishment. Their services concerned with a new project as well as an already installed system are world-class. An effective and efficient electrical earthing system is installed to protect business organizations as well as their assets from any kind of electric damage. Electrical earthing is considered to be one of the most essential systems which must be installed for protection.