Some Trending e-commerce WordPress Themes for your Online Business


Are you down that road where you are willing to expand your online business? Are you looking for some help to get those conversions on your e-commerce website? Do you wish to know that how can you grow your potential audience?

According to the reports, about 48% of people said that a website’s design is an essential factor in determining the reliability of a business.

Thus, while constructing an e-commerce website, great design can help you achieve the above things. A well designed, responsive and an eye-catching template would help any website owner to put their products in the spotlight and help them with the sale too.

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No matter if you are a business owner looking to construct a new online store, or you are a web professional that is helping a client with their online setup – operating. With the help of this well-defined template, the user can always bring out the best from the website.

Therefore, we have classified some of the best WordPress Templates. These templates would not only help you with the decorating of your website, but it would also help in bringing those conversions.


Trending and Classy E-commerce WordPress Themes

To be one step advanced of your opponents, WordPress Development Services bring.

Here’s the list of best WordPress WooCommerce themes for every ecommerce business websites

1. Artemis

Artemis is one of the most flexible and high quality online store creation template. It is one of those templates that makes sure that the website owner has a highly professional look. It tends to provide reliable and trustworthy functionalities. The template is a multipurpose WordPress Woocommerce theme that involves a varied selection of online shopping demos, as well as it is compatible with famous woocommerce plugins like Referral System.

Each design tends to have a classy and stylish appearance by default. It makes this theme an excellent choice for the stores, which tends to feature the premium products. It is immediately imported to WordPress website once the user chooses this template. The user can upload product videos to every listing. They can give shoppers another way to check their inventory and enable them to purchase whatever they want.

2. Hongo

Categorized as one of the multipurpose e-commerce websites, Hongo is a unique website template. With a lot of pre-built stores and styling, the template work for almost any type of project. The ten stores demo in it is the mixture of purpose-built options. These options are focuses on a specific type of product ( it may be jewellery, furniture and other general products)

These templater WordPress Experts can select from the product page styles. When it comes to publishing a product on the website, the user can quickly choose the layout that operates. Many multiple blogging templates help in the operation.

3. Uncode

Uncode is one of the most powerful eCommerce templates that entirely entice of handling all sorts of e-commerce related websites.

Due to its incredible and flexible feature with customizable nature, the end-user across all demographics are related and get handled with the same.

The best component is that the theme incorporates an advanced WPBakery Page Builder that has powerful elements in its zone. Thus, the template lets you tune your website look and feel according to the way you want. Uncode is also built on bootstrap, HTML and CSS3. It makes it a perfect theme for all sorts of e-commerce website across a wide range of industries.

4. Kalium

Versatile and user-friendly, this is the template that comes from a diverse set of functionalities. Working collectively to implement versatility and a wealth of personalization of the information. There are over 600 Google fonts, with the option to add personalized fonts through the admin panel. The template has a skin for every site as it is capable of adapting to the needs of the customer. This would make sure that the website would always match the vision.

Believe it or not, but today online marketing must adapt to the rising popularity of the mobile devices. Kalium is an entirely responsive platform that provides with amazing features. High-quality icons and images are also featured, and they were thoroughly tested to assure that they are Retina-ready. Stagnation can ruin even the best blogs. Thankfully, visitors can display your quality writing in several ways, due to various blog formats.

5. eLab

eLab is considered as one of the most renowned and sort after WordPress theme that is used for creating online selling products. No matter what the type of electronic device is that the user wishes to sell ( be it a smartphone, television or maybe a camera), eLab tends to provide the user with a professional design that the customer decides to trust. It consists of eight e-commerce store demo in the eLab package that manages to look great and provides several different ways to display the product.

Before you hire WordPress programmer to keep in mind that constructing with WooCommerce is what the theme holds. E-lab tends to integrate with many out-of-the-box extensions. One such extension is the WC vendor that enables the user to create a multi-vendor marketplace where other users tend to sign up and start with the listing of their products on the store.

6. June

June is one of the most popular e-commerce themes that tend to aim at making the online shop creation experience a good buttery smooth ride. With the help of powerful live drag and drop visual site builder, the user tends to get 200+ designed premade blocks and elements that are used in the shop with a single tap block import and without even having to lose touch in line of code.

In a competitive market, the user shops more when the shopping experience is pleasant. This template’s best in class, clean and beautiful UI is tried and tested with the best practices that are implemented from over 50+ online stores.

7. CiyaShop

CiyaShop is one of the best e-commerce WordPress Theme, which uses all kinds of features and functionalities to develop and great website. It is the multi-functional tool that enables the user to construct whatever they wish to create. The best element about this theme is that the user does not need to do prior coding or designs skills. They can perform any improvements and modifications that is quick and effortless. Without the necessity of attaining a single line of code, the template comes with many superb assets.

8. Pinkmart

Pinkmart is among one of the most appealing and modern e-commerce WordPress themes that are ideal for constructing any online beauty store. Of Course with the help of few tweaks, the user can effortlessly go against the grain and the support their audience to expand the possibilities. With the help of an assortment of predefined demos, the user can start with their online business almost immediately.

Without the need of editing the default settings, the user can use the sample as it is and then rich it up with their elements. Thus, while you hire WordPress developer make sure that he is aware of the theme. There is also an opportunity to drag and drop the page builder.


In the Nutshell

Here it is, some of the most famous and widely used WordPress e-commerce theme for WordPress Web Development. These fully responsive themes would not only help you to set up your e-commerce website, but it would also help in building a good audience base for the products you are selling.

We hope that this article has provided our audience with all the necessary data about e-commerce themes. If they have any doubt regarding the following topic, then they can write to us in the comment section below. Our experts would try to solve them as soon as possible.

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