Party Hard: Here are the 4 Drinking Games You Must Try Out!

drinking games

Everybody knows that a fun night out wouldn’t be complete without drinks. Drinking is a way for you to socialize with the people around you, as well as, create many lasting – and potentially embarrassing – memories with them. If you have a low tolerance for alcohol, you might have become the subject of your friends’ jokes and teasing. You might have even found yourself in a situation wherein you’re passed out on your house’s front porch.

Just like watching people with a low tolerance for alcohol, one fun thing you can do in your wild parties is to mix drinks for the games orchestrated by you and your friends. If you think you’ve experienced all that party drinking games have to offer, then think again. You’ve still yet to scratch the surface. 

Continue reading to learn more about the numerous ways you can change up your wild night outs. 

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Kings Cup

For this type of party game, you’ll need a deck of cards, a large group of people, and of course, alcohol. If you and your friends want to get embarrassingly and hilariously wasted, you might want to try out liquor options like tequila and vodka.

Simply put, kings cup involves cards with corresponding tasks. Depending on the rules that you and your friends have dictated, a person will get to pick a card, and whatever the card they draw, they would have to do the corresponding drinking action for it. 

For example, anyone who pics an ace would have to do a “waterfall”. For this type of command, each player has to start drinking their alcoholic beverage at the same pace as the person to their left. They cannot stop drinking until the player they’re imitating, stops drinking their liquor. 

Another command is called “Raise your hand to heaven” which is triggered when any suit of 7 is drawn from the deck. In this command, the person who is the last one to raise their hand would have to take a drink of their alcohol. 


Never Have I Ever

One of the best things about drinking in parties, bars, clubs, or whatnot, is that you’ll be able to meet many strangers throughout the night. Depending on how adventurous they are, you might want to invite them to a game of Never Have I Ever. 

The rules of this game are simple: someone asks a question which begins in “never have I ever” and if the condition of the statement applies to you, you would have to take a shot, or a drink, depending on your friends’ preferences and the available liquor.

To better illustrate this, you should take a look at this example: the point person might want to ask “never have I ever drunk-texted someone”. Anyone in the group who has drunk-texted anyone will have to drink. 

The best part about this drinking game is that you and your friends have the creative freedom to come up with many outrageous and ludicrous statements. Not only is this a great way for you to be privy to their secrets, but it’s also a way for them to make fun of you in your next get-together.


Beer Pong

Beer pong is probably one of the more familiar drinking games out there. This is also probably the most-displayed form of drinking game in many coming-of-age-films. 

Though the rules of the game may vary across different locations, the goal of the game is fairly simple. Beer pong typically involves two teams. Two triangular formations of around 10 cups each will be set up on both sides of a ping pong table. Inside the cups are several ounces of beer, or any kind of alcohol of your choice. 

The goal of the game is to be able to shoot a ping pong ball in any of the opposing team’s cups, without any intervention. If this is achieved, the opposing member would have to drink the entirety of the cup’s contents. You can also try out jokes in English.



This next drinking game is perhaps more challenging than the previous ones. Not only does it require your friends to have some command of the multiplication table, but it is also a fast-paced and exciting game requiring very few materials. 

The game starts out with your group forming a circle. The first player begins by saying “one”, the next player will say “two”, and so on. The twist in the game is that someone who reaches a number which is divisible by seven should say the word “buzz” to replace it. Following this rule, anyone in the group who’s supposed to say “twenty-one” should instead say “buzz”, and so forth. If that person makes a mistake and says the number out loud, they would have to drink.

You and your friends can make several variations of the game. Instead of the word “buzz” for example, you can replace it with some other word, and condition. Nevertheless, this game will definitely end in any one of you in a fit of laughter. 


Key Takeaway

Drinking games are a great avenue for you and your friends to socialize and get to know one another. It doesn’t take many materials to hold a drinking game which all of your friends will definitely enjoy. 

If you want to mix drinks for the games, the type of liquor is absolutely up to you. You can use a combination of tequila, gin, beer, or fruit juice – basically whatever is available in your local liquor shop. 

The list above has hopefully offered you and your friends with new drinking ideas the next time you go out with each other. Who knows? You might come up with a new one yourself.

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