Drinking Clean Water Can Help You Survive COVID-19  

clean water

Now more than ever, doctors say that the importance of drinking eight glasses or about two liters of water per day cannot be stressed enough. Keeping the body properly hydrated can spell the difference between staying in the pink of health and encountering serious COVID-19 complications which are life-threatening.

In areas where there’s a demand for water but not enough supply of it for everybody, there are workarounds. One of the fastest and most practical solutions involves the use of portable water filtration systems that various companies, such as Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment, are providing where it matters — hospitals, commercial buildings, etc.

Different methods can be used for turning water from turbid to drinkable. Each one of them comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, too. When deciding which approach is the most applicable, various factors need consideration for the procurement of water, vital for protection from the COVID-19 pandemic and other health threats.

Strengthening the Immune System

There is something that is proven effective against COVID-19 and many other communicable infections and diseases: a strong immune system. Fortunately, for individuals who are not diagnosed with health concerns or undergoing certain treatments or therapies, keeping the immune system in tip-top shape is not that difficult.

one simple way to bolster the immune system, which is necessary to help the body defend itself more effectively against invading bacteria and viruses, is drinking enough water daily. It’s because water is a major role player in the transport of oxygen molecules, which are necessitated by every cell in the body, including those beneficial immune cells.

Water also helps in flushing out impurities and toxins that have accumulated in the body. Failure to remove anything that’s not supposed to stay within the body can pave the way for low-grade inflammation and many other internal issues that can affect the immune system. Drinking clean water helps detoxify the body and protect it from infections.

Promoting Healthier and Safer Decisions

Companies such as Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment that provide water carry out tasks important most especially today when the planet is fighting a war against an enemy that the naked eye cannot see. It’s to make sure that various communities, establishments, workplaces, and other places have a supply of drinkable water.

Other than the body, the mind also benefits tremendously from proper hydration. The brain is about 75% water, and the lack of it can have an unfavorable impact on one’s cognitive functioning. It’s not just the intellect that can be affected as a result of such a problem but also one’s behavior. The importance of making the right decisions is more important now than ever.

All kinds of precautions have to be carried out to protect oneself amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and each one of them is for the welfare of the individual and the people around him or her. Washing the hands for not less than 20 seconds, putting on a mask, maintaining social distancing, and other health protocols need to be followed.

Choosing the Right Water Treatment

Due to the sheer importance of having water, especially these days when it can help one to survive, there are many pumping and water treatment companies around. It is important to go for one with years of experience in the industry and which offers a range of pumping and filtration systems vital for providing clean water where it matters.