Does Nail Polish have any Negative Effect on your Nails’ Health? 7 Evidences

Nail polish boxes

Nail polish boxes are turning out to be an important member of the packaging family as these are rich-featured in nature and produce a number of benefits for a business. These are tough and rigid, along with having the ability to keep the products safe from any potential damage. In addition to that, these packaging solutions are also safe for the environment due to having sustainable nature. The good thing is that these can be customized easily with the help of certain modern- features for improving the outlook and making it more appealing for the customers.

The demand and admiration for nail polish products are getting increased with every passing day, especially among women. These items are packed in fully durable and customized nail polish boxes that have the ability to keep these products safe and protected from getting damaged. However, there are some dangers attached to the excessive use of these products.

The following lines will tell you more about the potential damaging factors associated with these makeup items.


The makeup companies are trying their best to attract a greater number of customers for their business. For example, nail polish manufacturers are using highly durable and customized nail polish boxes to grab the attention of the customers. When you apply the same colored nail paint on your nails on a regular basis, it may lead to discoloration of your nails. This is generally possible when you use dark-shaded products.

Brittleness & Dryness

The custom nail polish boxes in USA are designed and decorated by taking help from certain customization and printing features. The companies need to understand that they need to warn the customers about the potential threats of these products. This can be done by printing warning messages on the boxes. The gel polishes that are applied to the nails also come up with a couple of problems for the customers.

These may cause brittleness and dryness of the nails if you use these products on a continuous basis. It must be kept in mind that nails are a sensitive part of the human body, and they need utmost attention and care, especially when you need to apply multiple colored nail polishes to make them look adorable.

Affects the Nail Cuticle

This risk is generally attached with the nail polish products that are available in powder dip form. Like all other available options, this type also poses enough threats if applied on a regular basis. The problem does not lie in the product itself. In fact, the threat is linked with the process that is used to remove this nail paint. Removing this product will require the services of an electric file that can cause damaging effects on nail cuticles. Therefore, these risks must be kept in mind before you plan to use these products in your daily life.

Risks for Nail Plate

Women often use gel polishes to make their nails look good. There is nothing wrong with doing so. However, the problem starts when they need to remove these gel products from the nails. It requires intense scrapping that can directly affect the nail plate. In addition to that, the fingers need to be soaked in acetone solution for the removal of gel polish that can also damage the nail plate in case of excessive exposure.

Skin Irritation

It has been generally noted that the male and female employees that work in beauty salons have to visit the doctors on a regular basis. This is because they often come in contact with the nail polishes that can cause a series of health problems. One of the basic issues attached to them is that these are a reason behind skin irritation in a lot of cases. The chemical used for the production of these items can cause significant damage to the human skin. In serious situations, these can also become a reason for nausea and allergies of different types.

Breathing Difficulties

The solvents present in the composition of nail paints are harmful to human health in a number of ways. These chemicals are strong enough to cause breathing problems to the users when the person is exposed to such solvents for an extended period of time. In addition to that, extended exposure can also result in severe headaches. It turns out that the products that we see in custom nail polish packaging are not that beneficial after all and must be used with extra care and attention.

Threats of Cancer

This may sound like a huge, but it is a reality that nail pain solutions can become a reason for minor signs of cancer in human beings. The chances are quite low, but the possibilities cannot be ruled out, and the dangers are present after all. The latest products contain a type of hardening gel that requires exposure to UV light to dry up completely.

An extended and repeated exposure to such UV light can become a reason for wrinkles on the skin and the birth of certain cancer creating cells. The companies must use custom printed nail polish boxes to display such warning messages to the customers to let people know about the threats attached to these products.

The nail polish company owners need to get in touch with the suppliers that offer custom  boxes . At the same time, they also need to get in touch with the vendor that offers a complete range of printing applications. These printing features must be utilized to display warning messages for the customers as far as the risks of using these products are concerned. This is the main responsibility of the business owners to let the people know about the ideal use of such items.